TLR's JP Richards Doubles at 2014 ROAR Regional Championships

Congratulations to Team Losi Racing driver J.P. Richards for his two ROAR Region 5 Championships this past weekend at the I-69 Raceway in Noblesville, IN.

JP took home the championship in Modified 2WD with his Team Losi Racing 22 2.0 Kit

In 4WD JP used his Team Losi Racing 22-4 Kit to dominate the competition to take home another ROAR Regional Champaionhsip.


TLR's McDuffie takes Rd. 6 of JBRL

Race Report
From: Brian McDuffie

This past weekend JBRL Round 6 was held at Pegasus Hobbies with over 180 entries for the round.  This was the first year for the track to do sugar surface or should we say "Candy Land" track. I was able to qualify 2nd, missing TQ by a few seconds from Cody Turner.

The main started with Cody, myself and Rudy Rico in the top three. Cody had a bobble early and I took the lead. Half way through the race I traction rolled at the end of the straight away and Rico took the lead. On the next lap coming onto the straight I was able to take the inside corner to take the lead back and I never looked back taking the win. My Team Losi Racing 22 2.0 mid-motor, Orion power car was hooked up all day on AKA tires.


Team Losi Racing signs Ryan Maifield


Champaign, IL

Club RC races, ROAR Nationals and everything in between, Ryan Maifield has won them all. Ryan’s dad taught him to race in their front lawn at the age of 6. He recorded his first win at the Cactus Classic before the age of 10! Since then, Ryan has gone on to win multiple ROAR National Championships and make many a podium appearance in some of the world’s toughest competitions. In short, his list of accomplishments is nothing short of amazing. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Ryan Maifiled is joining Team Losi Racing. Together, we hope to continue Ryan’s success and add the elusive World Championship to his trophy case.

Ryan is a world-class, professional off-road car racer with many years of experiences and a stunning list of victories and championships. Ryan will work closely with the R&D team on the further development of the Team Losi Racing electric & nitro off-road car platforms including the 22, TEN and 8IGHT platforms.

Ryan Maifield will be making his Team Losi Racing debut at Race #3 of the JConcepts Indoor National Series this weekend (July 12-13) at Outback Raceway in Chico, CA.

Interview Video: JConcepts' Jason Ruona talks with Ryan  about signing with Team Losi Racing and what the future has in store.



Total TLR Domination at Short Course Showdown

Race Report:
Short Course Showdown hosted by Addiction R/C
Ogden, Utah
June 14-15, 2014

Team Losi Racing team drivers Dustin Evans, Frank Root, JP Richards made the trip to Addiction RC in Ogden, UT this past weekend to join local teammates Corey Peterson, and Eric Willardson for the Short Course Showdown Race.  Addiction RC had a killer layout in, plenty of pit space, and a fully stocked hobby shop to welcome all the racers, and it was clear a great weekend of racing was going to be had by all.  The track was super smooth and had high bite clay allowing all drivers to run slick tires that would last all weekend, and the hobby shop even had a drill press and all materials needed to make the slicks - a nice touch for the racers!  TLR would go on to win all 4 major modified classes, as well as 2wd stock buggy and 2wd stock truck.

The most hotly contested class of the weekend was 2wd Modified Buggy, with all of the travelled drivers and local fast guys running this class.  Qualifying started and ended well with Corey Peterson taking the round 1 TQ and Frank Root taking the round 4 TQ.  Overall, Team Losi Racing 22 2.0's would start 2nd-5th on the grid with 6 cars total in the A-Main.  When the tone went off for the 7 minutes A-Main, Dustin Evans quickly engaged the pole sitter in a battle for the win that lasted most of the race.  Frank was also able to move up to the 3rd spot and keep pace behind the lead battle.  In the final minute, Dustin was able to make a strong pass for the lead, and pull away for a decisive win, while Frank was able to move up to the 2nd giving the 22 2.0 the top 2 steps on the podium.

4wd Modified Buggy was the second largest class, and hot competition also.  Dustin Evans and his Team Losi Racing 22-4 were not phased, and powered their way through qualifying to take the oval TQ for the A-Main.  In the main event, Dustin briefly lost the lead from an early bobble, but quick recovered, moved back into the lead, and pulled away for his 3rd championship of the weekend!

Dustin Evans was up to business as usual in 2wd Short Course, dominating the class throughout the weekend with his Team Losi Racing 22SCT.  Dustin took the TQ in all 4 rounds of qualifying and decisively won the main from pole.  Frank would have a great battle for 2nd throughout the main, but come up just short joining Dustin on the podium in 3rd.

In 4wd Short Course, Frank Root used his Team Losi Racing TEN-SCTE 2.0 to put on a show throughout the weekend.  His TEN-SCTE 2.0 was on rails with the new 15 degree caster blocks, and he easily took the TQ's in the first 3 rounds of qualifying to lock up the overall TQ.  In a fun turn of events, Frank prepared his truck for the 4th round of qualifying and was able to convince Scotty Ernst to take over the transmitter.  Scotty was able to take an impressive 4th for the round with no practice!  In the main, it was back to business for Frank, as he quick quickly checked out from the field to win the 7 minute affair by over a lap!

Perhaps even more impressive than the TLR victories in the modified division classes, was what took place in the stock truck and buggy classes.  TLR customer, and local racer, Tanner Roberts used his Team Losi Racing 22 2.0 and 22T to win both mains from stiff competition.  Congrats to Tanner on his great runs!

Thanks to Beezer and the Addiction R/C crew for the great track and facility and to Scott Ernst for the awesome program as usual! An added bonus was the track time we were provided to show off the new Losi Mini 8IGHT-T and what it can do on the track.


TLR's Mike Garrison wins Fastlane Raceway Spring Shootout


This past weekend hosted the 2014 Fastlane Raceway Spring Shootout in Blue Springs, Missouri. The weather was hot, and the racing was hotter! TLR driver, Mike Garrison, entered the largest class of the weekend 1:8 Expert E-Buggy running the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-E 3.0.

As the single A-Main got under way Garrison found himself in a three-way battle for the lead. He worked his way to the front battling for the lead with XRAY team driver Spencer Wall. The TLR machine led majority of the race until Wall made a surprise last lap pass heading into a big double section. Garrison retaliated with an over-the-top big air pass with less than a few corners to go, capturing the overall 1:8 Expert E-Buggy class win!


TLR's Nick Floudas Crowned 2WD Greek National Champion

Greek National Champaionship report from Team Driver Nick Floundas

The 2WD Greek Nationals took place on May 4th at the Zorri Racing Track in Aspropyrgos, Greece.  The track was treated with sugar and the traction level was high to provide very close racing.  The race used qual-points for seating using the best 2 rounds from 5, which made tire choice very critical.

Not making the best tire choices in the early rounds yielded me with 2nd and 3rd place round finishes.  I finally nailed the tire choice in the 3rd qualifying round using Losi X-2000’s and went on to TQ the round with the quickest lap and fastest overall run.  This would move me up to 2nd on the grid with the confidence I needed for the triple A-main events.

After a close second place finish in A1, I was able to have a great run in A2 to claim the win.  This would set A3 up to be a shootout for the overall victory and the new Greek National Champion.  The pressure was on!  I had a strong and clean race with many passes for the lead.  About 3 minutes in, I managed to take the lead and controlled the race.  On the last lap I had to defend a late charge from last year’s runner up.  We both gave our best and went for the win in the last corner with a photo finish! I took the A3 win and the Greek Nation Championship by .090 of a second!!!!  My heart was pumping like it was my first race, but I had done it... once again I was 2WD Greek National Champion with the Team Losi Racing 22 2.0!!

The victory is dedicated to my late father that had passed away on April 22nd, just a few days prior to the event.


TLR's Dakotah Phend Sweeps 2014 ROAR Electric Nats

2014 ROAR 1/8 Electric Off-Road National Championships
April 30th – May 4th
Gulf Coast Raceway - Porter, Texas

Dakotah's Domination started from the very first lap of practice and he never looked back. Dakotah claimed the overall TQ in all three classes. He TQed all 4 rounds in 1/8th buggy and 1/8 Truggy and 3 out of the 4 rounds in Pro 4 SCT. That is 11 out of 12 rounds won and most of these he won by a half a lap ahead of the next driver… Total Domination!!!

2014 ROAR National Champion - 1/8 Electric Buggy: 8IGHT-E 3.0

2014 ROAR National Champion - 1/8 Electric Truggy: 8IGHT-T 3.0 with 8IGHT Electric Conversion Kit

2014 ROAR National Champion - 1/10 Pro4 SCT: TEN-SCTE 2.0

Congratulation Dakotah on the back to back ROAR National Championships and the SWEEP!!!

Once again proving ENGINEERING WINS!!!