2008 Cactus Classic

Matt Chambers (far right) takes 5th place overall in Mod. 2WD Buggy ClassThe 22nd Annual Pro-Line Cactus Classic took place March 14-16 at the Scottsdale R/C Speedway in Scottsdale, AZ. The race consisted of four rounds of qualifying and triple A-main races. Losi driver Matt Chambers competed in the Modified 2WD Buggy and the Modified 2WD Truck classes. Matt placed second in the qualifying round for the Modified 2WD Buggy with his Losi 1/10-scale XXX-CR 2WD Racing Buggy. In the Modified 2WD triple A-Main races, Matt took 5th place in the first A-Main, 6th place in the second A-Main and 3rd place in the third A-Main. Overall, Matt took 5th place in the Modified 2WD Buggy class and 10th place in the Modified 2WD Truck class. Congratulations to Matt, for a great weekend of racing!