Todd Wraps Up 16th Irish National Title

The third round of the Irish National championship for 1/8-scale nitro was held at the Galway track in the west of Ireland, on August 16. Losi driver Michael Todd traveled to the event, and report that upon arrival the track was in pretty bad shape due to an open practice round the day before. Michael made few changes to his 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy’s setup to make the buggy drive as smooth as possible over the many bumps and ruts.

After making a few tweaks to setup and trying a few different tire combinations, Michael TQ'd qualifying rounds 3 and 4 to line up on pole for the main final. Losi Step Pin tires in the red compound provided Michael’s buggy with very good grip on the different surfaces - grass, astro and dirt. Michael reports that he made an error on lap 2 of the Final but this was to be the only blip and he managed to pull away from the field after re-taking the lead on lap 3. His secret was to keep it smooth and clean as most drivers were finding it tough to keep a consistent pace. After 45 mins Michael crossed the line almost 3 laps ahead of the second place finisher.

Congratulations to Michael on his tremendous achievement.