Miguel Matias Joins Losi Race Team

Losi is happy to announce that Miguel Matias of Portugal has joined the Losi race team. Miguel will be competing with Losi and Team Losi Racing products during the 2010 racing season. His first race as a Losi driver was this past weekend in Portugal.

We joyfully welcome Miguel to the Losi team, and look forward to his impending success for the 2010 racing season.

Below are a few of Miguel's racing achievements:
- 12-time Portuguese National Champion
- European Champion 2003 (England)
- 2nd 2006 Euros (Spain)
- 5th 2005 Euros (France)
- 4th 2002 Euros (Germany)
- 2nd 2004 Worlds (Sweden)
- 3rd 2000 Worlds (USA)
- 10th 1998 Worlds (Portugal)