Root Drives Xcelorin Powered 8IGHT-T to Win

Frank Root attend the 1/8 Electric Championships hosted by OCRC Raceway using his 8ight-T 2.0 Race Roller with 8IGHT Electric Conversion for the first time. He used the Xcelorin 40C 5000 to power his way to strong TQ run in Round 2, a 5+ second TQ in Round 3, and eventually the overall win. Root also finished 3rd in Buggy overall with Ryan Dunford 5th, Matt Chambers 6th and Casper in 9th. A great result for the entire Team.

Frank, Ryan, and Matt's cars were all equiped with Xcelorin ESCs, 1700KV motors, and 5000mah 40C 4s batteries with 16/45 gearing in their buggies. Casper opted for a 2100KV motor on a 3s battery. Frank, Matt and Casper ran Losi Pink Taper Pins, and Ryan ran Losi Pink King Pins for maximum traction.