Mazzara wins Short Course Showdown in Massachussets

For the third year in a row the Short Course Showdown made its stop at RC Excitement in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. The 2013 Nationwide Tour was developed and run by Scotty Ernst. Some of the best SC drivers around traveled  to RCE this past weekend to attend this very competitive race. Team Losi Racing, Horizon Hobby and Proline driver Anthony Mazzara set the pace by Top Qualifying all three classes he ran. The classes were Stock SC, Modified SC and Modified 4x4 SC. Anthony dominated with his Team Losi Raicng  22SCT and the Team Losi Racing SCTE 2.0 with Proline M4 Suburbs. He went on to win the Stock SC and Modified 4x4 sc mains and finished 2nd in Modified SC.

Check out the following links of the products Anthony used to dominated the event.

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