22nd Annual Columbus Midwest Electric Winter Championship

Dakotah Phend takes first place in the Outlaw Truck A-MainCRCRC

The 22nd Annual Columbus Midwest Electric Winter Championship was held at CRCRC in Columbus, OH. The large indoor track was comprised of packed clay and featured technical jumps and low speed sections.
As track conditions went from extremely high bite to dusty low traction many racers struggled to make the correct tire choice before qualifying. The consensus was that Losi Pink compound Bk-Bar and Taper Pin tires were the best pick.
After qualifying Team Losi Racing drivers were able to occupy 11 spots in the Modified Truck, Modified 2wd, and Modified 4wd categories. Losi drivers Dustin Evans, Matt Chambers and Matt Lee equipped their vehicles with Xcelorin Brushless Systems. Losi driver Dakotah Phend put on a show in the twenty minute Outlaw Truck A-main to take the win in front of hundreds of screaming spectators.

Outlaw Truck:
1st Dakotah Phend

Modified Truck:
3rd Dustin Evans Losi/Xcelorin
4th Matt Chambers Losi/Xcelorin
5th Dakotah Phend Losi
6th James Schlick Losi
8th Matt Lee Losi/Xcelorin

Modified 2wd:
3rd Dustin Evans Losi/Xcelorin
5th James Schlick Losi
8th Jason Schlick Losi

Modified 4wd:
8th Matt Chambers Losi/Xcelorin
9th Dakotah Phend Losi
10th Dustin Evans Losi/Xcelorin