2009 Axial West Coast Championships

The 2009 West Coast Championships were held at the Donner Ski Ranch in Truckee California from June 26-28th. The Pro Class featured 85 of the best drivers from across the nation while the Novice class had 35 of the best up and coming drivers. The courses were gruling, besides the killer rocks, some of the courses featured Mud, Sand, running water and pools of water to traverse.

Each driver completed 4 courses on Saturday with only the Top 25 in Pro moving onto the next 4 courses in the quarter finals on Sunday. Once the 4 courses were completed only the Top 10 qualified for the Semi Finals. The new Comp Crawler qualified 3 out of the 10 drivers in the Semi’s with Mike Johnson in the 9th position. These Top 10 drivers then competed on one more course to set the Final 5 run for the Championship. After all was said and done the Team Losi Racing Comp Crawler occupied 2 of the top 5 positions, with Jake Wright in the 2nd position overall. Jake used Comp Claws to provide the traction on all the various surfaces.

Although the Novice class ran the same courses as the Pro’s, the biggest difference is that they were not allowed to use the dig. Steve Fillion of Lake Tahoe, CA took home the win with his Team Losi Comp Crawler. Steve took advantage of the Comp Crawlers class leading steering to help get around the courses.