Australian 2009 RC Pro Race

Australia's 2009 RC Pro Race turned out to be a great event for the Losi team in Australia. Several Losi drivers attended the event to compete in the 1/8-scale Buggy and Truggy classes, including Adam Drake. Losi drivers outnumbered the competition, and there were more 8IGHT 2.0 Buggies and 8IGHT-T 2.0 Truggies competing than any other manufacturer.

Adam was the Top Qualifier in both classes, and also took first place in each A-Main. Australian Losi driver Tim Gaukroger took third place in the 1/8 Truggy A-Main, and Scott Kirchner had the highest qualifying time out of all the Australian drivers in attendance.

Congratulations to all Losi drivers for their outstanding performance at the event!

1/8 Buggy (Final)
1. Drake, Adam Losi (83 laps, 60:19.075, Qual 1)
5. Perry, Darren Losi (80laps, 60:31.446, Qual 6)
6. Bakla, Ari Losi (79laps, 60:15.423, Qual 12)
7. Gillott, Andrew Losi (79laps, 60:43.177, Qual 18)
12. Gaukroger, Tim Losi (74laps, 60:06.059, Qual 14)
15. Kirchner, Scott Losi (21laps, 18:15.438, Qual 3)

1/8 Truggy (Final)
1. Drake, Adam Losi (86laps, 60:22.435, Q1)
3. Gaukroger, Tim Losi (82laps, 60:25.510, Q7)
12. Jones, Scott Losi (63laps, 52:38.801, Q11)