Drake is "Dialed" at the 2012 Dialed Inc. Off Road Championship

The 2012 Dialed Inc. Off Road Championships is an all-new event that was held last weekend Shreveport, Louisiana at T&T Speedway.  The classes consisted of 2wd/4wd Short course, 1/8th electric buggy/truck, 1/8th nitro buggy/truck, and a special invitational class based off the Reedy Race format - six heats of 10min duration, truck on Saturday and buggy on Sunday.  They also used gates starts to add a little excitement to the invitational class.  The track was built by Joey from The Dirt and a crew of helpers from the local area.

In the invitation class racers battled six times with buggy and six times with truck.  The finishing order was based off the best 4 out of 6 finishes to determine the overall class winner.  Then your 4 best scores from each class were added together to determine the overall Invitational Champion.  Truck was raced on Saturday and Team Losi Racing / Nova Rossi / Pro-line driver Adam Drake couldn’t have asked for a better day with winning all six of his 10 minute races and being crowned the Truck Champion.  On Sunday the buggy racing kicked off after a short practice session.  Drake was able to win 4 out of his 6 buggy races and set the overall fastest time to win the overall buggy title.  By winning both truck and buggy Drake was crowned the  Dialed Inc. Invitational Champion.

Overall Invitational Results
Driver                          Chassis                      Engine                     Fuel                         Tire
Adam Drake               TLR 8ight 2.0             Nova Rossi             Nitrotane                  Pro-Line
Kurt Kellum                Xray                          OS                          VP                           VP Pro
Patrick Castleberry     Xray                           OS                          VP                           J Con
Chad Bradley             Mugen / TLR              Werks                     Werks                      Pro-Line
Barry Pettit                  Mugen                       Nova Rossi              Byron’s                    J Con

Truck Results
Driver                         Chassis                      Engine                     Fuel                          Tire
Adam Drake              TLR 8ight T 2.0          Nova Rossi             Nitrotane                  Pro-Line
Kurt Kellum                Xray                          OS                          VP                           VP Pro
Mike Battaile              TLR 8ight T 2.0          Reds                       VP                           AKA
Ryan Lopez                TLR 8ight T 2.0          Nova Rossi             Nitrotane                  Pro-Line
Barry Pettit                 Mugen                        Nova Rossi             Byron’s                     J Con

Buggy Results
Driver                          Chassis                       Engine                         Fuel                             Tire
Adam Drake               TLR 8ight 2.0              Nova Rossi                 Nitrotane                     Pro-Line Blockade
Patrick Castleberry     Xray                            OS                               VP                               J Concepts
Chad Bradley              Mugen                         Werks                          Werks                          Pro-Line Blockade
Denver Houghton       TLR 8ight 2.0              Nova Rossi                 Nitrotane                     J Concepts
Kurt Kellum                 Xray                            OS                               VP