8ight 3.0 Sweeps the podium at AKA Spring Series

Chula Vista R/C Race Club hosted round four of the AKA Spring Series on Saturday May 18th.  The event had 100 entries.  Adam Drake tq’ed truck and buggy with his Nova Rossi powered 8ight 3.0 and 8ight T 2.0 equipped with Pro-Line tires.  In the buggy class, Mark Pavidis lined up second  for the thirty minute final followed by Carson Wernimont in third.  Drake took the victory in both finals by more than a lap.  Drake’s Nova Rossi Keep Off 4 and Keep Off 7 engines provided him with tons of power and exceptional fuel mileage that made it easy to do 10 minute fuel stops in the finals.  Adam used Pro-Line Blockades for buggy and Holeshots for truck. 
1/8th Pro Buggy                             Chassis                 Engine                  Fuel                       Tires                    
1st           Adam Drake (tq)            TLR 8ight 3.0       Nova Rossi          Nitrotane            Pro-Line Blockade
2nd          Mark Pavidis                  TLR 8ight 3.0       OS                          VP                        AKA
3rd           Don Vinkemulder         TLR 8ight 3.0       Orion                     Nitrotane           Pro-Line Blockade 
1/8th Pro Truck                             Chassis                  Engine                   Fuel                     Tires                     
1st        Adam Drake (tq)              TLR 8ight T           Nova Rossi          Nitrotane            Pro-Line Holeshot