Timmerman wins Rd. 2 of RC Pro Series North Division

This past weekend was rd.2 of the Rc Pro Series North Division at Fastlane Raceway in Blue Springs Missouri. The weather was very pleasant all weekend with sunny skies and highs in the upper 70's. Saturday's qualifying was very competitive with new TQ runs every round in both pro classes. I started with Soft Gridiron II's in Pro Buggy and Soft Evo Gridirons for Pro Truggy for the majority of qualifying. With the large amounts of rain the track received the week before the race, some of the corners began to flake apart and rut up. My TLR 8ight 3.0 handled the ruts and bumps great. For the last round of qualifying I switched to AKA I-beams in soft compound for buggy to help stabilize the car though the ruts along with a front roll center change. The tires were definitely the right move, as I ended up Tq'ing the last round of Pro Buggy to lock me in at 2nd overall on the grid for the A-main behind Taylor James.


On Sunday morning some of the corners were patched up and fixed for the mains which changed up the tire game for the day. I spent most of the day prepping my cars and talking setups with others. I choose soft Evo Gridirons for the Pro Truggy main and soft Impacts for the Pro Buggy main. I would end up finishing 2nd in the Pro Truggy A-main and winning the Pro Buggy A-main by half a lap over 2nd place Taylor James. Both of my cars were really consistent and fast all weekend. The track was actually pretty abrasive for the grip that we had, so tire wear was a slight issue for some people. The AKA compounds worked great for me with amazing grip and longevity for the 45 minute mains. 


I would just like to thank Team Losi Racing, Team Orion, AKA, Spektrum, Nitrotane, and Horizon Hobby for all of their support throughout the years. Special thanks to Mark Pavidis, Kevin Gahan, Joe Pillars, and Sonny Brown for all your help. Your support helps me out so much and is very appreciated. Thank you!