Truhe Dominates 2nd Annual Pikes Peak Nitro Challenge

The 2nd Annual Pikes Peak Nitro Challenge Pay Race was sponsored by Mugen Racing. The race was held at Colorado Fast Track in Colorado Spring, Colorado. With a pay-out to the top five in each class, the race had several well know drivers from around the country in attendance. The race proved to be very challenging for most drivers with the track layout designed to be technical, and with the elevation over 6500 ft from sea level motor tuning was very key to success.

In the 1/8 Pro Buggy class Losi driver Mike Truhe was the top qualifier in all 3 rounds of qualifying, with Losi drivers Matt Chambers finishing second in qualifying and Dustin Evans finishing in third. The Main started with Mike Truhe taking full advantage of his qualifying position and working his way to an 8-10 second lead with Matt Chambers running second and Dustin Evans running third. The three Losi drivers each had their turn in the lead, but at the end of the Main, Truhe took the top spot in first place and Matt finished in fourth. Both Mike and Matt were running Losi 450-series Buggy tires on their 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy Race Rollers in the final.

In the 1/8 Pro Truggy class Mike Truhe was again the top qualifier with his 8IGHT-T 2.0 Truggy Race Roller. Going into the Main, Losi had three drivers in the top 5, Mike Truhe, Dustin Evans and Lars Johnson. Truhe started the race with nearly a six second lead, and was able to maintain his position to take first place overall. Mike was running Losi 480-series Truggy tires on his 8IGHT-T 2.0 Truggy in the final.