Round #6 of the JBRL Nitro Series

Round #6 of the JBRL Nitro Series was hosted by Full Throttle Hobbies in Bakersfield CA. In the 1/8 Pro Buggy class, Losi/GRP/Nitrotane drivers Mike Truhe and Adam Drake (TQ) took first and second place respectively. Both drivers were competing with Losi's 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy Race Roller equipped with Losi XBT Red compound tires. In fact, nine of the fourteen buggies competing in the 1/8 Pro Final were Losi 8IGHT Buggies.
In the 1/8 Pro Truck class, Adam Drake was the Top Qualifier in each round of qualifying and also set the fastest time in qualifying by 15 seconds. Adam took first place in the Pro Truck A-Main with his Losi 8IGHT-T Truggy equipped with Losi XTT Blue compound tires
In the 1/8 Intermediate Buggy class Losi/Nitrotane driver Kyle Johnson was the top qualifier and Losi/GRP driver Robert Wickham took first place in the A-Main. Both drivers were competing with the Losi 8IGHT Buggy. In the 1/8 Intermediate Truck class Kyle Johnson was the Top Qualifier and also went on to take first place in the final with his Losi 8IGHT-T Truggy

8IGHT 2.0 Dominates Rnd. 4 of Nitro Pit Summer Series

Team Losi Racing's 8IGHT 2.0 Race Roller dominated Round 4 of the Nitro Pit Summer Series. Losi drivers Billy Fischer and Casey Peck competed in the 1/8 Expert Buggy Class. Casey was the Top Qualifier in the first round of qualifying. In the second round of qualifying Billy took the number one position and secured the overall TQ for the event. After the dust settled from the 25 lap main event Billy finished in first place with Casey right behind him for second place.

Round 4 was the final race of the series for 2008 with Losi finishing on top for the overall series. Losi had a 1-2-3 finish overall in the Expert Buggy class with Billy Fischer in first place, Chris Wheeler in second place and Mike Friery in third place.
Rich Chouinard was the overall winner of both the Intermediate Buggy and Intermediate Truggy classes with his Losi 8IGHT Buggy and 8IGHT-T Truggy.

Congratulations to each of these drivers on their outstanding achievements!

Martin Bayer Wins the ROC Worlds in Germany

Martin Bayer used the new Losi 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy Race Roller, GRP engines and Losi GRP tires to earn himself a first place win at the ROC Worlds in Germany. At the start of the main final Martin was given a 10 second penalty for a jump start, but this did not slow the Losi driver down. Before the end of the first fuel stop Martin already had the lead and was on his way to a comfortable win. Four other Losi drivers supported by Robotronics also competed in the final main, making for an excellent team and race win.
In the Truggy class Joern Neumann using a Losi 8IGHT-T for the Robotronics team, set the fastest time of the weekend and achieved the overall final win. Making very few changes to the race roller, Joern simply ran the 8IGHT-T as it comes from the factory.


Truhe TQ and Second Place Winner at 2008 IFMAR Worlds

Losi/GRP/Nitrotane driver Mike Truhe used his Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy Race Roller to TQ and take second place overall at the 2008 IFMAR 1/8 Buggy Worlds. The week-long event was hosted by The Farm II Raceway in Charlotte, NC from September 15-21. Truhe was the top qualifier in rounds three, four and five, making him the Top Qualifier for the event. In the hour-long A-Main final on Sunday, Truhe finished 1.6 seconds behind the first place driver.
Congratulations to Mike as well as the entire Losi team for their outstanding performance all week.

STLR Tops the GLORCS Final

Losi drivers Peter Head, Abiye Birku and David McLean represented STLR (Sprucewood Team Losi Racing) at the GLORCS (Great Lakes Off-Road Championship Series) Final. GLORCS, now into its 4th year, has proved the place to race if you want to make a name for yourself in the Great Lakes Area. With 7 races across New York and Ontario it all came down to the Final to see who would take the Championship.
The STLR team did not disappoint, wining both the Buggy and Truggy Championship. Peter Head came into the final with his game face on and drove excellent to secure STLR number one in both classes with his Losi 8IGHT Buggy and Losi 8IGHT-T Truggy. Abiye Birku who ran away with the win in the Buggy race improved his standings to move up to second overall in the series. 2008 will go down with STLR (Sprucewood Team Losi Racing) on top in Canada and the whole Great Lakes area.


7th Annual East Coast Race Against Cancer

Anthony Mazarra at the 7th Annual East Coast Race Against CancerLosi/GRP/Nitrotane driver
Anthony Mazzara competed in the East Coast Race Against Cancer hosted by McCulloughs Raceway in Pittsburg, PA. Anthony competed in the 1/10 Gas Truck, 1/8 Expert Truggy, and 1/8 Expert Buggy classes. He was the Top Qualifier in all three classes, and also took first place in each of the A-Main races.
Anthony was running his Team Losi Racing 1/10 XXX-NT Truck, 1/8 8IGHT-T Truggy and 1/8 8IGHT Buggy with the winning combination of GRP Engines and Nitrotane Fuel. He used Pink compound Taper Pin Tires during the Gas Truck and 1/8 Expert Buggy races and XTT Truck tires during the 1/8 Expert Buggy race.

R.A.C. co-coordinator Gary Wiant, raffle winner Tim Bishop and Losi driver Anthony Mazarraa
This is the 7th year for the East Coast Race Against Cancer, and race co-coordinator Gary Wiant reported that over the years the race has earned over $31,000, with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. This year, Anthony was generous enough to donate his Team Losi Racing 8IGHT Buggy to be raffled off after the race. The raffle for Anthonys car alone raised nearly $600 dollars.
Losi congratulates Anthony for his generosity, as well as his outstanding performance at the race.


GLORCS 2008 Race

Glenwood RC in Springville, New York hosted the GLORCS 2008 Race from September 6-8. Drivers from the Sprucewood Team Losi Racing (STLR) competed in the 1/8 Buggy class. David Henry and Peter Head took first and third places respectively in the A-Main event. Both drivers were running the Losi 8IGHT Buggy; in fact 10 of the 14 drivers in the A-Main were running the Losi 8IGHT.


Southern California Saturday Series Round 6

Round Six of the Southern California Saturday Series was held at Thunder Alley Raceway on Saturday September 6, 2008. With many drivers preparing for the 1/8 Off-Road Worlds in North Carolina next week, this round had one of the biggest turnouts of the series.
The 1/8 Open Buggy class was a great battle between Losi drivers Don Vinklemulder and Kyle Johnson. At the end of the race Don finished in first place to take the win, with Kyle finishing in second place. Both drivers were running their 8IGHT Buggies Losi equipped with Losi King Pin Tires and powered by Nitrotane Fuel.
In the 1/8 Pro Truck class Adam Drake (TQ) started first on the grid and never looked back; finishing more than one lap clear of second place. Adam took the first place win with his Losi 8IGHT-T equipped with Losi tires, a GRP .28 Truggy Engine and Nitrotane 30% Fuel.In the 1/8th Pro Buggy class Matt Castellano set the early TQ in round one, but Adam Drake was able to improve the time in round two and start from the pole position. Adam and Matt both finished one lap clear of third. Both Matt and Adam were running their Losi 8IGHT Buggies equipped with Losi King Pin Tires, GRP .21 Buggy Engines and Nitrotane 30% Fuel.Adam Drake was the overall 2008 Series Champion in the 1/8 Pro Buggy and 1/8 Pro Truck classes, and Matt Castellano took second place overall in the 1/8 Pro Buggy class. Congratulations to Adam, Matt and all Losi Drivers for a great 2008 Series.