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The 8IGHT 3.0 in more detail

There has been a lot of talk about the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 3.0 over the last couple days and for goo reason. Here are some of the improvements we've made on the 8IGHT 3.0. 

The front suspension is full redesigned with new front caster blocks (15 degrees), spindles, and front arms. The spindles are higher on the caster block creating less front dog bone plunge therefore allowing for better bump handling. We've also revised the droop screw system to eliminate chassis galling with a large headed screw that touches the chassis instead of the traditional set screw. 

The Ackerman links now have 4 x 8mm flanged bearings allowing for ultra smooth steering. It is now possible to full tighten the shoulder screws with no binding issues


The 8IGHT 3.0 has a substantial amount of more travel. The front shock tower is taller with longer front and rear shocks. 

Onto the shocks, they are now 16mm bore with machined pistons, guides and bushing guides offering near perfect tolerances for excellent shock action. The bores of the shocks have been precisely machined allowing for even smoother shock action and decreasing any bind issues that one may experience under heavy impacts. The shock shafts are now TiCn coated. The new coating is ultra smooth and extremely durable. Just like the shock shafts, the hinge pins are treated with the same coating. The springs are new and tapered to decrease the spring cups from becoming ejected during crashes.

Gen III Radio-Nothing new there but definitely an added feature to improve servo life.

Chassis-Updated chassis with increased milling that lightens the 4mm 7075 T6 aluminum chassis.

Myriad of option parts included-Front and rear adjustable hinge pin mounts, lightweight 48T spur gear, lightweight outdrives in all three differentials, aluminum bearing inserts, and +1mm rear hexes.

Center Drive System-We changed from the CVA style center driveshaft’s to a dog bone system. This decreases friction in the drivetrain that increases acceleration, improves runtime and decreases front center dog bone wear. We also added brake caliper springs to the brake posts to ensure full disengagement of the brake discs under acceleration.

The shock towers are the traditional 4mm milled 7075 aluminum shock towers with optimized camber link and shock positions. 

Rear arms have been updated to accept the rear dog bone drive shafts that are advantageous on bumpy tracks.

Body-New cab forward inspired body with center fin for added side bite.

Wing-A completely new molded wing with larger endplates and center fins aid in increased stability and rear traction.

Wing spacers-We now offer three different wing positions via spacers. The stock wing location, .250" back, and .500" back. By moving the wing back creates more rear grip.

Wicker bill-Molded wicker bills in two different sizes. .250" and .350" offer more stability and increased off-power steering.

New dome style wheels-The new TLR wheel offers improved clearance with a revised dome style look. The wheels are stiffer than the current Losi 8IGHT wheel. We now include 4 white wheels and 4 yellow wheels.

We have also updated the internal diff gears that provide smoother diff action.

As you all can see we have definitely increased the feature set on the 8IGHT 3.0. The car handles substantially better over the 8IGHT 2.0. The 8IGHT 2.0 is definitely a drivers car and is known to play tricks on the best drivers and cause unexpected mistakes. At TLR, we put a lot of focus on the drivability of the chassis while doing our best to keep it fast. I am confident that once the 8IGHT 3.0 reaches the hands of racers across the world you will see all of the work and development we have invested into the 8IGHT 3.0.

We hope you enjoy the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 3.0 as much as we've enjoyed improving it.



Dustin Evans ties for first at the 19th Annual Reedy Race

Team Losi Racing Driver, Dustin Evans put on an exciting performance at the 19th Annual Reedy Race of Champions held at West Coast RC Raceway in La Mirada, California this past weekend. Dustin's Orion powered Team Losi Racing 22 and XXX-4 were on point over the weekend as he battled with the best drivers in the world. Dustin drove excellent races the entire weekend where he ended up tieing for the overall win, but would end up 2nd overall after the tie-breaker.

In the 2wd Open Class, Team Losi Racing Drivers Frank Root and Cody Hollis put in superb qualifiers to put them 3rd and 8th on the A-Main grid respectively. Frank Root had a great second qualifier where he top qualified the round. The double A-Main format was a heated battle and Frank and Cody ended up 5th and 9th respectively with their Orion powered Team Losi Racing 22's.

Team Losi Racing would like to thank all of our drivers and customers who attended and support this event.

 Dustin Evans

 Dakotah and Nancy Phend

Mike Truhe

 Frank Root and Cody Hollis

Frank Root's Team Losi Racing 22



Matt Castellano and Mike Truhe re-sign with Team Losi Racing

 2008 IFMAR World’s TQ Mike Truhe along with fellow teammate Matt Castellano have re-signed with Team Losi Racing. Truhe will focus on the nitro side of the team piloting the 8IGHT platform to victory while Castellano will focus his racing efforts to the electric side taking the Twenty-Two  and TEN-platforms to the podium. “We are excited to have these two great drivers re-sign with the Team,” said Team Losi Racing Team Manager Kevin Gahan.  “They exemplify what it means to be a Team Losi Racing driver.”


TLR Driver Dylan Gerard wins the CRCRC Nitro Championships

Team Losi Racing Driver Dylan Gerard turned in a strong performance at the 2013 CRCRC Midwest Nitro Championships held at the Ohio RC Factory in Jeffersonville, OH.

Dylan TQ’d the 1/8 Pro Buggy Class and lapped all but his second place teammate Collin Weatherholt in route to the 45 minute A-Main win. Both drivers were using Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 2.0 Buggies and Spektrum DX3R Pro Radio Systems.

Dylan was also smooth and fast with his 8IGHT-E 2.0 Electric Buggy. He TQ’d and went on to lead the first two mains of the Triple A-Main format wire to wire and secured the win.


Team Losi Racing dominates KBRL Series

Team Losi Racing dominates the 2012-2013 KBRL Offroad Electric Series in Arizona. The Team Losi Racing team competed throughout the series at various tracks in southwest Arizona. The tracks included Hobbytown Tucson, Competition Hobbies, One Hobbies, Canyon Vista, Paddocks Short Course, with the series culminating at Hobbytown SRS. In the modified classes Billy Fischer took the overall series championship in Pro-4 with his TEN-SCTE, Truck modified with his Team Losi Racing 22T, and 2wd modified with his Team Losi Racing 22. In Pro-2 Chris Wheeler took the championship win with his Team Losi Racing 22SCT. A big congratulations goes out to the privateers that competed. They are Matt Kartozian who took the win in 2wd Sportsman 17.5, Sabrin Kilday in the Ladies Class and Kyle Ash in the Short Course Buggy Class, all with Team Losi Racing vehicles. For more information on this racing series check out www.racekbrl.com.

Pro 2:
1. Chris Wheeler (TLR)
2. Billy Fischer (TLR)
3. Charles Hicks (TLR)

Pro 4:
1. Billy Fischer (TLR)
2. Charles Hicks (TLR)
3. David Wells (Durango)

Truck Modified:
1. Billy Fischer (TLR)
2. Chris Wheeler (TLR)
3. Trevor Clement (TLR)

2wd Modified:
1. Billy Fischer (TLR)
2. Trevor Clement (TLR)
3. Chris Wheeler (TLR)

2wd Sportsman 17.5:

1. Matt Kartozian (TLR)
2. Dean Vuckovich (N/A)
3. Mike Burdeshaw (AE)

Ladies Class:

1. Sabrina Kilday: (TLR)
2. Tamara Beaver: (AE)
3. Kamryn Ayers: (TLR)

Short Course Buggy:

1. Kyle Ash (LOS/TLR)
2. Nick Beaver (AE)
3. Isaac Dean (KYO)






Team Losi Racing signs Dominic Bauer

Horizon Hobby would like to introduce its newest European driver, 16 year old Dominic Bauer. Dominic is the 2012 Austrian National and Austrian Youth National Champion. Dominic will be running in the nitro program with the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT and 8IGHT-T platforms along with Spektrum and Dynamite products for the 2013 season. Dominic will be racing in the German and Austrian Nationals and many other larger events in Europe with his father as his mechanic.