Champaign, Illinois (April 30, 2013) – Horizon Hobby is proud to announce their newly expanded marketing sponsorship with the Rockstar Energy Racing Motocross team. Established in 2009, Xtreme Amateur and Pro Lites is the one of the most elite teams competing in AMA 250 Supercross, AMA 250 Motocross and now the premier class 450. Horizon Hobby joins prestigious partners including Motosport.com, Bel-Ray, ONE Industries, Airoh Helmets, FMF, Dragon Goggles, Rockwell Watches, Go Pro as well as Suzuki.

With the support of race organizations like Feld Motor Sports and MX Sports, Supercross and Motocross have experienced exponential growth over the past decade and have gained millions of new spectators and television audiences. “This is an exciting partnership with loads of potential, the growing interest in motocross helps with expanding the reach of our efforts while focusing in on our core customer base,” says Kevin Wilson, Horizon Hobby Brand Manager.

The riders played a key role in the decision to sponsor the Rockstar Suzuki Motorcross team “with such talented riders as Davi Millsaps and Blake Wharton it was difficult to find another team with such potential,” added Joe Schamuhn, Horizon Hobby Vice President of Strategic Marketing.

The 2013 SX/MX Rockstar Energy Racing team consists of Jason Anderson, Daniel Baker, Nico Izzy, Davi Millsaps, Ryan Sipes and Blake Wharton.

As the RC market continues to expand, Horizon Hobby hopes sponsorships like these will continue highlight their products among to the growing demographic of Motocross enthusiasts.

About Horizon Hobby:
Horizon Hobby is an international developer, marketer and distributor of radio control (RC) hobby products, model trains and a wide range of educational, toy and other hobby products.  An employee-owned company, Horizon employs nearly 700 people and sells products in more than 50 countries around the world. Corporate headquarters, along with the main distribution facility and product service center, are located in Champaign, Illinois. Additional distribution centers are in Ontario, California; Harlow, England (site of Horizon Hobby UK Ltd.); and Elmshorn, Germany (site of Horizon Hobby Deutschland GmbH). California is also home to the Surface RC boat/car division (Ontario) and the Athearn train line (Long Beach). Learn more at www.horizonhobby.com.


Team Losi Racing's JP Richards takes WRL Series WIN!

The second annual Winter Racing LEgue (WRL) Series has come to an end and Team Losi Racing's JP Richards has taken the top spot.

Richards was able to attend 4 of the 6 races in the series and this is a breakdown on how he clinched the title.

Mod 2wd Series Recap:
Round 1 - Qualified 2nd and took the win for a total of 100 points
Round 2 - Did not race
Round 3 - Qualified 3rd and took the win for a total of 100 points
Round 4 - Did not race
Round 5 - TQed and Won for a total of 101 points
Round 6 - Took the TQ and Win for a total of 202 points (double points)

JP Richards with the overall win in Modified 2wd buggy with 403 points and finish in Pro2 SCT with a solid 3rd place finish.


Home Track Advantage for Team Losi Racing's Mazzara

The 2013 East Coast Challenge was once again held for the second straight year at Island Raceway in Long Island, New York. The race consisted of 25 heats of six different classes. Team Losi Racing driver Anthony Mazzara was present at his home track and proved impossible to beat. Anthony was TQ in all three classes he ran as well as won all three 8-minute mains. Mazzara run the Team Losi Racing TEN-SCTE 2.0, 22 and 22T.

This past weekend was the Canadian Indoor Off-road Shootout in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada. This race contained the best drivers in Canada along with some Americans including Team Losi Racing / Nova Rossi / Pro-Line driver Adam Drake who attended the race that saw nearly 400 entries.  Friday started with open practice in the morning and after lunch the organizers ran two rounds of seeding practice to set up Saturday’s three rounds of qualifying.

The track was hard packed and stayed very consistent for all three rounds of qualifying.  Team Losi Racing's Adam Drake would TQ all three rounds of buggy and truck.  Team Losi Racing’s Dave Henry secured the TQ in the 4wd short course class with his Team Losi Racing SCTE 2.0.

In the 30 minute 1/8th nitro buggy final drivers remained close in the beginning, but  Drake eventually pulled away with his Nova Rossi powered Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 3.0 on Pro-Line M4 Holeshots by running the fastest laps of the weekend.  Adam Drake was able to pit comfortably every 10 minutes with his Nova Rossi Keep Off 4 engine.  As the 30 minute final came to a close it would be Adam Drake who would take the win, Derek Sousa in second and Jerome Tregnier in 3rd.

1/8th Scale Nitro Buggy
1st            Adam Drake        TLR 8IGHT 3.0         Novarossi               Pro-Line          Nitrotane
2nd           Derek Sousa        Mugen                  Alpha                      AKA                VP
3rd           Jerome Tregnier    Xray                     Orion                      AKA               Sidewinder
4th           Dave Henry           TLR 8ight 3.0         Nitrotec                 AKA                 Nitrotane
5th           Mark Sousa           Mugen Seiki          Alpha                      AKA               VP

In the 30 minute nitro tuck final the drivers again stayed close in the beginning, but Drake’s pace was too much and he was able to pull away from the field.  Drake’s pit strategy in the truck final was the same as the buggy final, pitting every 10 minutes with his Nova Rossi Keep Off 7 engine.  Adam Drake took the win with his Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-T 2.0 and Pro-Line M4 Holeshot tires with Daniel Yachnin in second and Derek Sousa in third.

1/8th Scale Nitro Truggy
1st            Adam Drake          TLR 8IGHT-T 2.0   Novarossi            Pro-Line         Nitrotane
2nd           Daniel Yachnin      Serpent                  Novarossi               AKA             Byron’s
3rd           Derek Sousa          Mugen                   Alpha                     AKA              VP
4th           Eric Dechenes      AE                           LRP                                              Sidewinder
5th           Frank Calandra     TLR *ight T 2.0      Novarossi            Pro-Line            Nirotane

Dave Henry put on a great  performance with the Team Losi Racing TN-SCTE 2.0 by taking the TQ and the win in the first two ten minute a mains.

The team from Average Joe’s RC and Eat Dirt Racing put on a great event!


TLR/Andrew Gillot 2WD Australian National Champion

Team Losi Racing /OMP-Australia driver Andrew Gillott has taken the 2013 Modified 2WD EP Australian National Title with his Team Losi Racing Twenty-Two (22) (mid-mount config) taking TQ and the finals win.
 Andrew's commentary:
"As for the race, leading into the event the biggest ‘cloud over my head was whether to run a rear or mid mount. On TQ’ing the warm up with a rear mount I was 80% settled on that config, however after they sugared the track testing leading up to practice the mid mount was a must try. On the Wednesday open practice initially the mid mount wasn’t as fast but was a lot easier to drive and I could see the potential. So during the Thursday timed practice I focused on improving the cars lap speed during the 3 runs.

Come Friday race day I felt very confident after the changes made during timed practice.

Qualifying Rd. 1: After the track was watered I knew this would probably be the toughest to qualify well as the track was slippery, something not ideal for mid config. Had made a few changes for the slick track, had a clean but careful run, qualified 2nd only .2 second behind.
Qualifying Rd. 2: Back to high grip setup but it was still quite cool however track was dry, qualified 2nd 1 second behind, another close call after a bobble close to the end.
Qualifying Rd. 3: Made a few small changes to gain steering and corner speed, qualified 3rd after 1 mistake
Qualifying Rd. 4: Added rear weight and change front roll centre. 3 different people had TQ’d a round by now and I needed to TQ this round and beat the best time to seal TQ, and did! The changes I made worked, and starting No.1 in the mains was important so was very happy and confident in my car at this stage.

Final 1: With Josh Pain off 2 and considering the battles we have had in the past I knew I was in for a tough race. I was off the line well with Pain close behind, it was like this for a number of laps until I pulled out a little lead and could control the race. Finished slow to reduce risk of crashing and won Leg 1 start to finish in front of a strong finishing Pain
Final 2: Was nervous leading into this one however knew all I had to do was keep it on all fours. After a close call with Pain on the first lap which resulting in him falling back I had a small buffer which I maintained throughout the race leading again start to finish! Taking Leg 2 and the title! Having the confidence in the car helped me control both finals leading both start to finish
Final 3: Sat back and watched by the side lines as Josh Pain won"

Chekc out the link for video for the main
2WD Stock:
In 2WD Stock we also had a podium finish with Jeff Primmer, one of Australia's most respected racers competing at his 20th straight National titles, showing the youngsters how it was done and placing his Team Losi Racing 22 into third place. Jeff had some opportunity throughout the finals to take the win but was just unlucky in the end with some of the closest racing of all the classes at the Nationals.

4WD SCT (Non-Sanctioned):
Team Losi Racing/OMP also won the demonstration (non-sanctioned) SCT class with Ashley Peeler driving the new Team Losi Racing TEN-SCTE 2.0 (picture attached). He TQ'd and won the second and third legs of the A-Final to take victory.

Congratulations to all of the Team Losi Racing drivers!


JP Richards wins April Fools Race at CRCRC

This past weekend was the Annual April Fools Race held at CRCRC. The race brings in the best talent that the midwest region has to offer. Drivers from Kyosho and X-Factory just to name a few of the highlighted drivers. JP took TQ honors with his Team Losi Racing 22 and won the A-Main by nine seconds.

The 1st Proline Shootout was held at The Track Raceway in Gaithersburg, Maryland. There was a total of 185 entries in 6 different electric classes. There were drivers from 7 different states competing at this much anticipated event. For the second straight weekend Anthony set the pace in 4x4 SC  and TQ'd with his Team Losi Racing SCTE 2.0. He convincingly went on to win the 8 minute A-main. The top three in the A-Main were Team Losi Racing SCTE 2.0's. Third place finisher was new Team Losi Racing driver Steve Plakis.  Anthony also raced his Team Losi Racing 22T where he Top Qualified and won that class as well.

For more information about The Track in Gaithersburg, Maryland check out their link at:


Drake wins AKA Spring Series at Chula Vista R/C

Chula Vista R/C Race Club hosted the second round of the AKA Spring Series on Saturday March 30th.  Adam Drake dominated both rounds of qualifying with his Nova Rossi powered 8ight 3.0 buggy and Pro-Line M3 Blockade tires.  Adam started the 30 minute final with a blistering pace and was able to take the win in front of TLR teammate Don Vinkemulder who was also running Pro-Line Blockades. 

Adam used the follow products to power his way to continue his winning ways:

Adam Drake

(From Left to Right-Mike Morales-3rd, 1st Adam Drake, 2nd Don Vinkenmulder)

Red Bull Athlete Mitchell DeJong Joins Team Losi Racing

Mitchell DeJong is no stranger to racing, despite being only 15 this talented teen has made a name for himself as a Red Bull Racing Pro-Driver. When he wasn’t busy dominating in one of his NINE championship wins Mitchell often found himself devoting some of his time to driving RC. As a longtime fan of the Team Losi Racing TEN-SCTE platform, it was only a matter of time before this young gun dawned a Team Losi Racing shirt and made it official. Look for DeJong on the full-scale track as well as the local RC track in Southern California!

Please help as we welcome Mitchell DeJong to the Team Losi Racing Family!

For more information on Team Losi Racing go to: TLRacing.com

Atondo and Haas take 2013 March Madness at CV Raceway

Phillip Atondo and Nevada Designs hosted the March Madness event at Central Valley RC Raceway in Madera CA. This was a two day event that pulled a great race crowed from north and south!  Phillip Atondo TQ'ed the expert buggy class with his new Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 3.0 and went on to win the main followed close by TLR's young gun Jacob Haas.  Atondo also went on to TQ and win the expert truggy class with his Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-T 2.0.   Atondo was powered by Team Orion engines and on Jconcepts tires.  Green Black Jackets on buggy and Green Hybrids on truggy.  Team Losi Racing swept the podium in both expert classes!  This was a very fun event at a great facility and awesome CVR track crew!

Phillip Atondo used these great products:

Mazzara wins Short Course Showdown in Massachussets

For the third year in a row the Short Course Showdown made its stop at RC Excitement in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. The 2013 Nationwide Tour was developed and run by Scotty Ernst. Some of the best SC drivers around traveled  to RCE this past weekend to attend this very competitive race. Team Losi Racing, Horizon Hobby and Proline driver Anthony Mazzara set the pace by Top Qualifying all three classes he ran. The classes were Stock SC, Modified SC and Modified 4x4 SC. Anthony dominated with his Team Losi Raicng  22SCT and the Team Losi Racing SCTE 2.0 with Proline M4 Suburbs. He went on to win the Stock SC and Modified 4x4 sc mains and finished 2nd in Modified SC.

Check out the following links of the products Anthony used to dominated the event.

Also for more information on RCE and the Short Course Showdown check out the following links:

Mitch and Sistrunk go psycho at Psycho Nitro Blast

Team Losi Racing driver Matth Sistrunk TQ's and Wins the Open 1/8th Buggy Class at the largest east coast event of the year, the Psycho Nitro Blast.


 Team Losi Racing Driver JR Mitch made the trek to the Psycho Nitro Blast and also took TQ honors and the win in 2wd Modified Buggy with his Trinity powered Team Losi 22.

Psycho Nitro Blast electric track.

Laughton wins 1/8th Truggy Australian Nationals

Team Losi Racing driver Craig Laughton won the Australian 1/8th Nitro Nationals with his Team Losi Racing 8T 2.0.