King of the Desert Championships

The First Annual King of the Desert Championships was held at Phoenix AZ's newest nitro facility, ET Motopark. Losi drivers Autie Bender, Trevor Clement and Chris Wheeler participated at the event with their 8IGHT 2.0 Buggies and 8IGHT-T 2.0 Truggies.

Chris TQ'd the Expert Buggy and Truggy classes, and went on to take the win in the Expert Buggy A-Main. Trevor finished in first place in the Expert Truggy A-Main. Twelve-year old Autie took the win in the Intermediate Buggy A-Main; this was also his first race with his new 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy. All three drivers were running Losi's Nitrotane Fuel in their vehicles.

Congratulations to each driver on their outstanding performance!


2009 Dirt Fest

The 2009 Annual Dirt Fest was hosted by CRCRC this past weekend. the race drew several area participants, including Losi drivers Chuck Berg, Curtis May and Kevin Wilson. The three Losi drivers competed in the 1/8 Buggy class with their 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy Race Rollers. Kevin was the top qualifier and won the 30-minute A-main, with Chuck finishing in second place and Curtis finishing in fourth place.


25th Annual Offroad Fall Classic

The 25th Annual Offroad Fall Classic in Hutchinson, Kansas was hosted by Hi-Performance Hobbies, and took place November 12-15. Losi drivers Dustin Evans and Matt Chambers competed at the event with their Team Losi Racing 1/10 XXX CR Buggies, 1/10 XXX-T CR Racing Trucks and 1/10 XXX-4 Buggies.

Matt finished in third place in the 2WD Modified Buggy class. Dustin took first place 2WD Modified Truck and 4WD Modified Buggy. Matt also took second place in the 2WD Modified Truck final.

Both Matt and Dustin equipped their vehicles with Losi Pink compound tires and Xcelorin Brushless Systems. Congrats to the the Losi team for a great race!


Nitro Pit Summer Series - Final Round

The Nitro Pit hosted the final round of its Summer Series this past weekend. Losi driver Trevor Clement was the overall winner of the Expert Buggy and Truggy classes. In the Expert Buggy class, Losi drivers took all three spots on the podium with Trevor in first place, Chris Wheeler in second place and Ryan Phillips in third place. All three Losi drivers were running the 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy Race Roller and fueled their vehicles with Nitrotane.


2009 Novemberfest at Dixon's RC Raceway

The 2009 Novemberfest was hosted by Dixon's RC Raceway. The event drew approximately 70 entries, including Losi drivers Kevin Wilson and Chuck Berg. The drivers competed in 1/8 Buggy and 1/8 Truggy classes.

In the buggy class A-Main Kevin took first place and Chuck finished in second place with their 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy Race Rollers. In the truggy class A-Main Chuck finished in first place and Kevin finished in second; both drivers were competing with their 8IGHT-T 2.0 Truggy Race Roller.

Congratulations to both drivers on their respective wins!


Truhe Dominates 2009 Sidewinder Nitro Explosion

The 2009 Sidewinder Nitro Explosion was hosted by Thunder Alley. The track featured several technical jumps, rhythm sections and a challenging set of downhill studder bumps. Several Losi drivers attended the event including Trevor Adamo, Phillip Atondo, Matt Castellano, Kevin Gahan, Levi Jackson, Casey Peck, Colby Poh, Matt Schreffler, Mike Truhe and Clint Wachter.

Drivers competed in the 1/8 Expert Nitro Buggy class with their 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy Race Rollers, the 1/8 Expert Truggy class with their 8IGHT-T 2.0 Truggy Race Rollers, and the 1/8 Electric Buggy class with their 8IGHT-E 2.0 Buggy Race Rollers.

In the Expert Buggy class Mike Truhe was the top qualifier and finished in first place in the A-Main. Mike equipped his buggy with the new Team Orion CRF .21 Mike Truhe Edition Ceramic Buggy Engine, Losi's Green Compound 450 Series Eclipse Tires and Nitrotane fuel. Matt Castellano finished the A-Main in fourth place and Clint Wachter finished in eighth place.

In the Expert Truggy class Mike Truhe was again the top qualifier and achieved a first place finish in the A-Main. Mike was running Nitrotane fuel in his truggy. Matt Castellano finished the A-Main in fourth place, Phillip Atondo finished in eighth and Kevin Gahan finished in tenth.

In the Electric Buggy class A-Main Mike Truhe took his third first place win for the day, with Casey Peck taking a spot on the podium in third place. Both Mike and Casey were running Xcelorin Brushless Motors and ESCs in their buggies.

Congratulations to the Losi team for their outstanding success and performance!


Drake and Fischer are 2009 RC Pro International Champs

The RC Pro finals were held last weekend in Alvarado, TX. The event hosted nearly 300 drivers from around the US. Losi had a great weekend with Adam Drake TQing three out of four rounds in 1/8 Buggy and 1/8 Truck classes, and Billy Fischer TQing the 1/8 Electric Buggy class.

Adam Drake won the 60 minute 1/8 Pro Truck final and finished 2nd in 1/8 Pro Buggy. Once the overal points were calculated, Adam and Billy were crowned 2009 RC Pro International Champions!

Photos courtesy of Greg Vogel from RC Driver


1-2-3 Finish for 8IGHT 2.0 at CRCRC's Halloween Race

CRCRC recently hosted their Halloween Race. Losi drivers Chuck Berg, Jason Hudson, Chad Wallace and Kevin Wilson all competed in the 1/8 Buggy class with their 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy Race Rollers. Chuck was the top qualifier, and he and Kevin were the only drivers to complete 24 laps during qualifying. All four Losi drivers finished in the top five places in the A-main with Chuck finishing in first, Jason in second, Kevin in third and Chad in fifth.

Losi driver Curt Schliester competed in the 1/8 Truggy class with his 8IGHT-T 2.0 Truggy Race Roller. He was the top qualifier and also took first place in the A-Main.


STLR Wins 5 Hour Truggy Endurance Race

STLR (Sprucewood Team Losi Racing) had everything come together at the Five Hour Truggy Endurance Race, the last race of their outdoor season in Canada. The team took the lead at the three hour mark and never looked back.

Hardcore RC hosted the race with drivers and vehicles from almost every manufacurer being represented, however it was the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-T 2.0 Truggy Race Roller that went the distance (winning by apx. 14 laps). The strength of the 8IGHT-T 2.0 truggy showed as it was run wire-to-wire without one single factory part breaking or wearing out! The team of Yachnin, Stiliadis, Rogers and McLean came together to both prep the 8IGHT-T 2.0 truggy and then keep it together by driving smart, clean and fast.

Congratulations to the STLR drivers for a great race!

Gaut Wins 2009 NSCS Nitro Late Model Class

Losi driver Doug Gaut led a Team Losi Racing L8IGHT Model Race Roller 1-2-3-4 sweep of the final series standings for the 2009 NSCS Nitro Late Model class. The NSCS is one of the biggest and most competitive series in oval racing, attracting racers from throughout the mid- and southwest. The series visits oval tracks in three states each with its own character and demands. The only thing that was common among all of these tracks was the L8IGHT Model setting the fastest time in qualifying and dominating the A-Main events. Doug Gaut took the Championship with Losi drivers Jeff Harper second, Chad Butler third, and Scott Butts fourth - all driving the L8IGHT Model.