Bloomfield Wins Round 5 of BRCA Nationals

The 5th round of the BRCA nationals was held in the outskirts of London at the Remote World track in Slough. The exciting main was 30 minutes long, with several different drivers taking their turn as the leader throughout the race. However with about ten minutes remaining Losi driver Darren Bloomfield seemed to have secured a healthy lead. Darren was able to hold on for the remainder of the race, affording him the overall win for the race.

Rabitti Secures 2009 Buggy National Title

The Alife track in the south of Italy hosted Round 3 of the 1/8 Buggy Nationals. Losi driver Ricardo Rabitti was the leader of the event after the first two rounds, and after winning three out of the four rounds of qualifying.

The two semifinals were both affected by heavy rain, but the Alife track was so well prepared that the drivers were still able to complete the 30 minute race. Rabitti won his semifinal race, while the second semifinal race was won by Losi driver Stefano Cantoni. The 60 minute final was dominated by Rabitti who led from the first lap to the end. With this victory Rabitti secured the 2009 title without the need to wait until the last race of the championship in September.

In the F2 class Losi driver Fassi Rusty won the race after resisting to a final charge from a competing driver. Having two victories in his pocket, Fassi looked to be the favorite to win the F2 title.

Phend Takes 2nd At Electric Nats with Xcelorin and Losi Lipo

The Losi team achieved some outstanding results at the 2009 Electric Nationals held June 25-28 at the Hobby Plex Raceway in Omaha, Nebraska. The event was sponsored by Xcelorin and Spektrum, with Losi drivers competing in 2WD Modified Buggy, 4WD Modified Buggy and 2WD Modified Stadium Truck classes.

The highlight of the weekend for the Losi team had to be when 12 year old Losi driver Dakotah Phend took 2nd place in the Modified 2WD Stadium Truck A-Main. Dakotah and the entire Losi team equipped their Team Losi Racing vehicles with Losi LiPo batteries and Xcelorin Brushless Motors and ESCs.

2WD Modified Buggy
4th Dustin Evans Losi/Xcelorin/Losi LiPo
5th Matt Chambers Losi/Xcelorin/Losi LiPo
6th Mike Truhe Losi/Xcelorin/Losi LiPo

4WD Modified Buggy
4th Dustin Evans Losi/Xcelorin/Losi LiPo
5th Mike Truhe Losi/Xcelorin/Losi LiPo
9th Matt Chambers Losi/Xcelorin/Losi LiPo
11th Dakotah Phend Losi/Xcelorin/Losi LiPo

2WD Modified Stadium Truck
2nd Dakotah Phend Losi/Xcelorin/Losi LiPo
4th Mike Truhe Losi/Xcelorin/Losi LiPo
5th Dustin Evans Losi/Xcelorin/Losi LiPo
10th Billy Fischer Losi/Xcelorin/Losi LiPo
12th Matt Chambers Losi/Xcelorin/Losi LiPo


2009 Dirt Tour

Losi enjoyed being part of the 2009 Dirt Tour held in Lake Elsinore, CA. Kevin Gahan, Bill Jeric, Scott Adkins and Jerry Blodgett were in attendance to showcase new releases, help potential customers with test driving the 1/18 Mini Rock Crawler and most importantly to demonstrate the performance and durability of Losi vehicles with an extreme freestyle demonstration. Check out the video!


2009 Whale's Dream Cup

Ulsan City, Korea hosted the The Whale's Dream Cup June 13-14. The event drew serveral racers to compete with their 1/8-scale vehicles. Losi driver Min Su Si competed in the 1/8 buggy race, and took first place with the 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy Race Roller.

Congratulations Min!


Phend Wins at Round 2 of Factory Track's Midwest Series

Round 2 of the Factory Track's Midwest Series was held June 6th at Pheasant Run in Holly, Michigan. The event drew nearly 150 entries, and offered a rough and rocky track..

Losi driver Dakotah Phend won the 1/10 Modified Truck class using his Team Losi Racing XXX-T CR and the 1/8 Electric Buggy class using his 8IGHT-E 2.0 Race Roller. Dakotah was also the Top Qualifier in the 1/10 Modified Buggy class with his XXX-CR Buggy as well as the 1/10 Modified 4WD class with his XXX-4 Buggy. Dakotah went on to take second place in each of these classes as well. Dakotah used Xcelorin Brushless Systems to power all of his vehicles to a successful weekend.

Fischer Sweeps the RC Pro Series at CRC Raceway

CRC Raceway in Rome, NY, hosted Round 1 of the 2009 Northeast RC Pro Series Championship. Over 170 racers from all over the North-Eastern US and Canada took part in the event. Joining the North-Eastern contingent was Arizona-based Losi driver, Billy Fischer. Billy was on hand to help the Losi drivers at the event, provide support for Losi products, as well as compete in the event. Billy TQ’d and won three classes, 1/8 Pro Truggy, 1/8 Pro Buggy and 1/8 Electric Buggy, using an array of Losi products.

In the 1/8 Pro Truggy division eight of the top ten drivers where competing with the 8IGHT-T 2.0 Race Roller. Fischer was the Top Qualifier in this class, and also the overall winner of the A-Main.

In the 1/8 Pro Buggy division ten of the twelve drivers in the A-Main were competing with the 8IGHT 2.0 Race Roller. The final A-Main resulted in Losi drivers representing the top eight places with their 8IGHT 2.0 buggies. Fischer was the Top Qualifier in this class, and also the overall winner of the Pro Buggy A-Main.

In the 1/8 Electric Buggy division, Fischer was again the Top Qualifier and first place winner of the final A-Main. The 8IGHT-E 2.0 Race Roller swept the top four positions with Mark Smyka, Greg Vogel and Johnny "Whopper" Firsching finishing in second, third and fourth respectively.


Wilson Wins Hidden Spring's Pro RC Event

Hidden Springs Raceway in Springfield, OH hosted the RC Pro event. The track conditions were dry, abrasive and rather bumpy. Losi driver Kevin Wilson competed in the Pro 1/8 Buggy class with his 8IGHT 2.0 Race Roller. Kevin TQ’d the first two rounds, and went on to win the 45 minute A-Main. Kevin equipped his buggy with Losi’s 450 Series XBT silver compound tires.

Ross Takes First Place at Region 2 Nitro Series, Rnd. 2

Round 2 of the Region 2 Nitro Series was hosted by Blue Diamond Raceway in New Castle, DE. Losi driver Dan Ross competed with his Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 2.0 Race Roller. Dan took first place in the thirty minute A-Main. He equipped his buggy with Losi’s 450 Series XBT red compound tires on the front of the vehicle and 450 Series Eclipse red compound tires on the rear of the vehicle. Dan was also using a Losi LiPo Receiver Battery and one of Losi’s High-Output LiPo Regulators.