22 2.0 Cab Forward Body - TLR330000

From Team Losi Racing's Frank Root, Product Developer:

On 12/10/2013 we started shipping the 22 2.0 Cab Forward Body.  Our core team drivers like Dustin Evans and Dakotah Phend have been running prototype samples of this body since just before the 2013 ROAR Nationals.  During testing, the team has found the body to have improved low speed steering and better high speed stability - the best of both worlds.  Dakotah did use the prototype Cab Forward Body to win the 2013 ROAR Nationals in 2wd Buggy Modified, so the results are proving how good the body performs!

Just like the 22 and 22 2.0 kit bodies, the body will work for both mid and rear motor configurations.  The body is pre-cut, and only needs a minor trim for the designed configuration.  The body will also fit both the 22 and 22 2.0 buggies.

To maximize the styling and performance of the 22 2.0 Cab Forward Body, the body does fit closely around the electronics and battery within 22 2.0 buggy.  The is abundant room when running a shorty or standard sized LiPo battery, but when running the saddle pack batteries in mid motor configuration, the room is snug.  We have a few suggestions to help make the fit easier for you.

1.  Use a low profile bullet plug type connector.
2.  Solder the wires into the bullet plugs horizontally (at 90 degrees to the bullet) rather than vertically.  This applies to both the power wires and the jumper wire.  The the image below.
3.  If you see a spot where the battery and/or plugs get close to the body, be sure to put some Shoe Goo (DYN8000) thinly on the body.  This will protect the paint.  Make sure the paint on the body is well dried before applying the Shoe Goo.

With these tips, the body will fit great for you, last a long time, and help to put you on top of the podium!  We hope you enjoy the Cab Forward Body as much as we do!

Race on!


Driver Signing – Dakotah "The Phenom" Phend Re-signs with Team Losi Racing

Team Losi Racing is thrilled to announce the re-signing of Dakotah "The Phenom" Phend for the 2014-2015 racing seasons.

“Dakotah has been a great asset to the team since he was just a youngster, racing in the stock classes and winning multiple ROAR National titles along the way. He has grown and matured himself into one of the elite drivers and personalities in our industry, a level many racers have aspire to reach. It has been a pleasure to watch such a talented young man accomplish his goals, on and off the track, capped off with his victory in the 2013 2WD Modified ROAR National Championships.  We are very pleased to have Dakotah continuing to race with Team Losi Racing into the future. “
Kevin Gahan – Team Manager, Team Losi Racing

Dakotah had what many would consider to be a dream year in 2013, driving his Team Losi Racing vehicles to 3 ROAR National Championships in 1/8-scale electric buggy, 4WD short course truck and the prestigious 2WD modified buggy classes. To follow this up on his success Dakotah finished 8th in the debut for the new TLR 22-4 4WD buggy in the 2013 IFMAR World Championships.

"I, along with Team Losi Racing, have had a great 2013 racing reason and I'm looking forward to my renewed partnership with them through the 2015 season.  The last few years with TLR have been great and I'm excited to continue driving, tuning and winning with the full-lineup of electric and nitro TLR vehicles."
Dakotah Phend


Dustin Evans Re-signs with Team Losi Racing

World-class off-road racer Dustin Evans has re-signed with Team Losi Racing. Dustin just wrapped up an impressive season with many notable wins including titles at the JConcepts Indoor Nationals, Rumble in the Rockies, Proline Surf City Classic as well as multiple ROAR National podiums and a respectable finish at the IFMAR Worlds.

"I am very excited to continue with TLR for another three years. We have had some very successful years and with all the great products and people at TLR, there should be many more to come." Dustin Evans

Dustin will continue to play a vital role in contributing feedback to the engineering team as well as providing input on future Team Losi Racing innovations through the 2016 racing season.

“We are very pleased to have Dustin re-sign with Team Losi Racing not only for his driving talent and skills but because he is also as a huge ambassador to the industry on and off the track!”
Andrew Ziegler - Brand Manager, Team Losi Racing


JR Mitch Re-signs with Team Losi Racing

We at Team Losi Racing are pleased to announce that JR Mitch has re-signed with the team through 2016.

Here is what JR had to say: "I’m super happy to continue my partnership with TLR through 2016. The last two years have been great. Working closely with the whole team and being part of that team has embraced me to sign a new three-year contract. I would like to thank everyone at Horizon Hobby and TLR for this great opportunity. Looking forward to the next three years."

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