Drake wins in So-Cal & Atondo wins in Nor-Cal

Team Losi Racing driver Adam Drake won round two of the Grass Roots Series held at Thunder Alley Raceway in Beaumont, CA in the Pro Truggy Class with his Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-T 2.0. Adam chose to use Proline M3 Holeshots for both of his vehicles. In the 1/8th Buggy class Adam had nearly a  lap lead with his Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 3.0 before experiencing some servo issues that caused him to settle to 2nd.
Adam used the following products:
For more information about the Grass Roots Racing Series in Southern California click here:

Meanwhile in Northern California, fellow teammate Phillip Atondo was at Delta RC in Antioch, California where they held their annual indoor winter series that consisted of 8 rounds with 2 throw outs. Team Losi Racing's Phillip Atondo took the win in the Expert Buggy Class with consistency throughout the entire winter series. Phillip exclusively used his Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 3.0 powered by Nitrotane fuel, Orion .21 Engine, and J-Concpets black compound rubber.

TEN SCTE 2.0: Phend and Fischer Dominiate the Cactus Classic

This past weekend the 27th Annual Pro-Line Cactus classic was held at SRS Raceway in Scottsdale, Arizona. The race hosted over 500 entries where racers from all across the world joined to battle it out in multiple classes on the extremely high grip surface.

In the Pro-4 class, Team Losi Racing Driver Billy Fischer, took Top Qualifying honors with fellow team driver Dakotah Phend sitting 2nd on the grid. Fellow team drivers Trevor Clement, Charles Hicks and David Jenson would round out the top 10 in 8th, 9th and 10th respectively for the A-Main giving Team Losi Racing five TLR TEN SCTE 2.0's in the A-main. Dakotah and Billy battled during the A-Mains where Dakotah would edge out Billy Fischer for the win.

Products used by the drivers
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Team Losi Racing and AKA driver Michael Losi (Gil Losi Jr.'s son) took Top Qualifying honors and won the 2wd Buggy Stock 17.5 Class with his Team Losi Racing 22 powered by Schuur Speed Motors and Novak Speed Control.


Mitch & Hollis win Bigfoot Extravaganza

The 11th annual Bigfoot race held at Mikes Hobby Shop in Carrollton, TX, attracted racers from all over the country and with a total entry count of 247, it was the largest to date. Team Losi Racing and JConcepts Team drivers JR Mitch and Cody Hollis were spectacular all weekend. JR Mitch got things started by TQ’ing the 2wd SCT modified class and 2wd modified buggy class with the J Concepts Pressure Points tires in green compound with his Team Losi Racing 22SCT and Team Losi Racing 22. Cody Hollis kept things rolling in the Racing Truck class by getting the TQ with his Team Losi Racing 22-T also rocking the J-Concepts Pressure Points in green compound. The tricky conditions which relied on incredible forward bite but a slight amount of rotation to get all the corner speed possible out of the vehicles. Some drivers struggled to adapt, but  JR and Cody had done their homework in years prior and returned to the annual event for a 3rd time, their previous experiences at the  Bigfoot paid off and both JR and Cody were on point.

Sunday began the triple A-main events where JR easily took A1 and A3 in the SCT class to take the overall title.  Cody Hollis battled for 3 mains to seal the victory in the Racing Truck modified class and was clearly the driver to beat in this class and on this particular weekend. 2wd modified was hard fought where JR easily took A1 but some mistakes, start miscues and tight racing turned the class into a 3 A-main battle. Kyle Skidmore emerged in A2 and A3 with victories earning the overall championship. JR Mitch finished 3rd in A3 and combined with his A1 victory finished 2nd overall.

Products used by JR Mitch & Cody Hollis (Click on each link)


McIntosh takes Super Cup Title with the TEN SCTE 2.0

Team Losi Racing/Proline lock up Supercup title

Here is a great report from our team driver, Leon McIntosh. 

This last weekend saw the running of Round 3 of the Florida Supercup Series hosted by FZRC Raceway in Sarasota, Florida. As usual, it brought out the best racers from all corners of state who represented all the major brands.  The track itself is on the smaller side but the FZRC folks put in an amazing layout that had a great flow and provided great racing. 

When I rolled up to the track Saturday morning things were looking bleak with rain in the forecast but luckily the track owners have a background in landscaping so it doesn’t hold water at all. It looked like it wanted to storm but it just drizzled for a little bit. It rained just enough to make the track slick for the 1st round, so it was basically another practice run.  From Round 1 to Round 2 times would improve almost 2 seconds per lap.  For the mains when the sun was down, the moisture would come back up and make the track a little bit slicker but only by about a tenth or two from round 2’s times.

In 2wd Pro 2 Short course, my TLR 22SCT was pretty hooked up. Kyosho’s Ryan Eckert and myself battled back and forth in both rounds of qualifying with Ryan Ending up with TQ. In the main we ran nose to tale until mid way through the race when we caught some traffic. Ryan made it through quickly and I was caught in between a few lappers. I was able to close the gap a little bit towards the end but Ryan was on point so we finished that  in the end, 1-2.

4x4 Short Course was a different story; I managed to TQ both rounds of qualifying and take the main from wire to wire with my TLR SCTE. However, it wasn’t without challenge. Felix Law, running the MIP truck, did everything he could to change the result but in the end some but a blown servo with a minute to go ended his bid.  With the TQ+Win I locked up the points for this session of the Supercup taking the 4X4 Short Course Title.

(Leon McIntosh with his Team Losi Racing 22SCT and Losi Ten SCTE Roller)
Products Used (click links):
And then there is 2wd Mod. This class has been the bane of my existence for the last several months. Not because the car hasn’t been good, quite the contrary, my Novak powered TLR 22 has been freaking amazing for the most part but it seems that every race something stupid has kept me from finishing better. At every race, in Round 1 of qualifying I have been in the top 3, but in the penultimate round where the track is  faster something happens like sensor wire coming loose or a steering servo going out. When race against guys like Jason Rouna, Ryan Eckert, and others you can’t give them any sort of advantage because they’ll put you in a hole that you won’t be able to dig yourself out of in a 5 minute race. And again this was the case this last weekend. I put 3rd on the grid in round 1, round 2 I popped a ball cup and ended up 11th overall. So I had to bump through the B-main and start from 11th. In the main I was able to work my way through traffic and close a good gap running 4th but time ran out and that’s where I stayed.

All things considered my TLR cars were awesome the whole day and I couldn’t have asked for anything better from them. My new Novak Pulse and Impact (2wd) esc’s were dialed and M4 Holeshots  with Closed Cell Inserts all the way around on all of my vehicles ensure that I had the best package possible to be fast.  Now, thankfully, I am looking forward to a little gas racing in the near future and the final round of the Spring session Supercup at Coral Springs RC Raceway in Miami next month.

Thanks to my sponsors: TLR, Pro-Line, Novak, Horizon Hobby, Spektrum, Losi.

For more information about FZRC in Sarasota, Florida check out their site here: FZRC

Til’ next time,

Leon McIntosh


Top Notch Series Round 5: McDuffie wins 2wd Modified

Team Losi Racing driver Brian McDuffie took Top Qualifying honors and the overall win in the 2wd Modified Class with his Orion powered Team Losi Racing 22 at the latest round of the Top Notch Series at IERC Raceway. Brian used Losi pink BK-Bars and PL MC Scrubs for his maximum traction setup.

Below are the products Brian used to take the TQ and Win.

Brian's winning setup
Check out IERC at: IERC Raceway
As well as the Top Notch Series at: Top Notch Series


JBRL Round 1: Brock, Dunford and Losi Win

This past weekend started the 2013 JBRL Electric Series at OCRC in Huntington Beach, CA. The race hosted 304 entries of Southern California's premier racers at one of the premier indoor tracks in Southern California. Team Losi Racing was at the event with many team drivers that included David Jenson, Michael Losi, Travis Brock, Kevin Gahan, Matt Castellano, Brian Nunez, Ryan Dunford, Todd Hodge and Doug "Casper" Nielsen.

In the Pro-4 class it was Team Losi Racing Driver and TEN SCTE 2.0 Product Developer Ryan Dunford taking Top Qualifying honors for the A-Main with his Team Losi Racing TEN SCTE 2.0. During the A-Main there was a tight battle between Ryan and Casper for the entire race. Ryan edged out Casper, who also raced the TEN SCTE 2.0, by a few seconds to take home the win in the opening race of the series. Young David Jenson made a hard charge and finished 3rd overall giving Team Losi Racing a 1-2-3 sweep.
(Left to Right, Doug Nielsen, Ryan Dunford and David Jenson)

In the 2wd Short Course Super Stock (13.5T) Travis Brock ran a great A-Main with his Team Losi Racing 22SCT with aluminum driveshafts to take the overall win. Travis used Proline Ion tires for to compliment his winning package.

Michael Losi won the stock truck class with his Schuur Speed powered Team Losi Racing 22T.

For more information about OC/RC Raceway and the 2013 JBRL Series visit the following links: