Twitch at RCX with Team Losi Racing

It's official... Stonghold Motorsport/Supercross.com/Monster Energy's very own Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg will be at RCX in Long Beach, CA this weekend (4/28) with Team 
Losi Racing and Horizon Hobby. Meet Twitch, get an autograph and a lucky few may even get a chance to race a XXX-SCT against him! Can you beat Twitch on the short course? We'll see YOU at RCX.


2012 Silver State with Team Losi Racing

Team Losi Racing made the trek to Boulder City, Nevada for the 2012 Silver State Nitro Challenge. Unlike last year the temperatures were high so the heat was once again a factor to consider. The weekend was full of great racing and here are the Team Losi Racing team results.

40+ Truggy Class - Mike Battaile won 40+ Truggy with a Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-T 2.0 Truggy.

Open 1/8th Electric Buggy Class - Kellen Freeman won Open 1/8th Electric Buggy with a Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-E 2.0 Buggy.

Expert 1/8th Electric Buggy Class - Adam Drake Top Qualified and won with a Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-E 2.0 Puggy powered by Tekin ESC and Motor and Losi/Excelorin Battery.

Other noteables from the weekend:
4 Team Losi Racing Buggies and Truggies in the Expert Mains.
Team Losi Racing finished 2nd-5th in 40+ Buggy.

Congratulations to all the Team Losi Racing drivers!


Drake takes the Team Losi Racing Winter Series

The 2012 Team Losi Racing Winter Series has completed and Team Losi Racing / Nova Rossi / Pro-Line / Nitrotane drivers sweep the podium in the expert buggy and truck classes!

1/8th Expert Buggy                    Chassis                 Engine                  Fuel                       Tire      
1st           Adam Drake              TLR 8ight 2.0       Nova Rossi          Nitrotane            Pro-Line
2nd          Colby Poh                 TLR 8ight 2.0       Nova Rossi          Nitrotane            Pro-line
3rd           Drew Moller             TLR 8ight 2.0       Nova Rossi          Nitrotane            Pro-Line

1/8th Expert Truck                    Chassis                 Engine                  Fuel                       Tire      
1st           Adam Drake              TLR 8ight 2.0       Nova Rossi          Nitrotane            Pro-Line
2nd          Drew Moller              TLR 8ight 2.0       Nova Rossi          Nitrotane            Pro-line
3rd           Cody Smith               TLR 8ight 2.0       Nova Rossi          Nitrotane            Pro-Line

Team Losi Racing at Rd 2 of the Malaysia National League

On April 14th & 15th, the second round Malaysia National League took place at Glenmarie RCC track in Shah Alam, Malaysia.  There were total of 105 racers from Malaysia, Singapore & Australia participated in this round.  Team Losi Racing Driver Daniel Law and his Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 2.0 buggy dominated and won the one hour grand final with a lead of over 2 laps.  Team Losi Racing teammate Sunny Wong also perform consistently and clinch the 4th place in this grand final.


Team Losi Racing Success at JBRL Electric Series Round 2

This past weekend kicked of round 2 of the JBRL Electric Series at one of the nicest RC facility in southern California, Palm Desert R/C Raceway.  With the first round of the electric series hitting a new record with 385 entries, no one knew what to expect at round 2.  Well, round 2 was very close with a total of 355 entries which was really good to see the series staying strong.  The track crew did a super job putting together one of the best layouts I have driver in sometime.  This could also have to do with running electric outdoors on wet track, which is something that doesn’t happen much here in southern California these days.

The Team Losi Racing team had a great showing at Round 2 winning seven classes including Mod and Stock.  All of the TLR vehicles were on point this weekend on the super slippery wet track that was  even tough for the pros to get around.

TLR Results From the Weekend
Mod Truck
TQ-1. Mike Truhe- Team Losi Racing 22T powered by Orion
2. Matt Castellano-  Team Losi Racing 22T powered by Orion
3. Matt Schreffler-  Team Losi Racing  22T powered by Orion

Mod Buggy
TQ-1. Matt Castellano-  Team Losi Racing 22 powered by Orion
2. Mike Truhe-  Team Losi Racing 22 powered by Orion
3. Cody Turner-  Team Losi Racing 22

Spt. Stock Truck
1. Matthew Pages-  Team Losi Racing 22T
2. Shane Koerber
3. Bill Jordan

Spt. Stock Buggy
1. Michael Losi-  Team Losi Racing 22
2. Chad Panek-  Team Losi Racing 22

1/8th Buggy
TQ-1. Matt Schreffler-  Team Losi Racing  8ight 2.0
2. Lucas Sanford
3. Justin Lew

Pro 4 SC
1. Ryan Dunford- Losi TEN-SCTE powered by Orion
2. Jake Thayer
3. Casper- Losi TEN-SCTE

Pro  2 SC
TQ-1. Cody Turner- Losi XXX-SCT
April 6-8 was the 1st round of the Granada Regional's in Spain where Ramon Nuño and many Team Losi Racing drivers were present on the podium at the end of the weekend.

Ramon TQed with his Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-2.0EU buggy with the fastest lap time of the race. Winning his semifinal in style, Ramon then lead from the beginning to the end of the 45 minutes final to get the victory. Rounding out the top four spots were his Team Losi Racing teammates Luis M. Garcia in 2nd, Jose A. Paque in 3rd and Manuel Sanchez in 4th place. A perfect 1-2-3-4 finish for Team Lois Racing

Ramon, Luis, Jose and Manolo all used Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 2.0EU Buggies, Spektrum DX3R-Pro transmitters with Spektrum servos and Losi Eclipse buggy tires.

Team Losi Racing Podiums at 2WD Spanish Nationals

At the end of March, the 2nd round of the 2WD Spanish National Championship took place in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain with almost 70 drivers. Ramon was in attendance to race and provide support to all the Team Losi Racing drivers.

Practice rounds were on Saturday with the five rounds of qualifying and the finals on Sunday. Strange weather (from rain to hot sun) allowed the track conditions to change every round proving to be difficult to get the right set up. Ramon did his best and qualified 5th for the A-Final.

Trought the three legs of finals with the Team Losi Racing 22 Kit, Ramon would end up with a total of 8 points placing him 3rd place overall.


JBRL Nitro Series Rd 1 TLR Style

This past weekend kicked off round 1 of the JBRL Nitro Series in Beaumont, CA at Thunder Alley R/C Raceway. There was a huge turnout with a total of 235 entries that came from all over California, Arizona, Nevada, and even a few from Illinois.  TLR had many of their top level drivers including Adam Drake, Mike Truhe, Matt Castellano, Drew Moller, Matt Schreffler, Colby Poh, and Jacob Hass along with many other TLR drivers in attendance to contest for the 2012 JBRL Nitro Series championship.

Adam Drake took the TQ in Pro Buggy, Pro Truggy and Pro E-Buggy.  In the Pro Buggy class Adam Drake was followed by teammate Mike Truhe and Cody King in third.  Adam Drake won Pro Truggy and Pro E-Buggy from start to finish.  The E-Buggy final turned into a bit of a mud race as storms rolled in.  Shortly after they made a decision to cancel the remaining three races and the final finishing order for Pro Buggy would be determined by the qualifying order.

1/8th Pro Buggy
Driver                          Chassis                    Engine                    Fuel                 Tire
Adam Drake (TQ)       TLR 8ight 2.0          Nova Rossi            Nitrotane          Proline Sniper
Mike Truhe                  TLR 8ight 2.0          Orion                     Nitrotane          AKA
Cody King                   Kyosho                   Orion                      Byron’s           Proline Sniper

1/8th Pro Truck
Driver                          Chassis                    Engine                    Fuel                 Tire
Adam Drake (TQ)       TLR 8ight T 2.0       Nova Rossi            Nitrotane          Proline Holeshot
Carson Wernimont       Durango                  OS                                                 AKA
Travis Amezcua            Xray                       Nova Rossi            Sidewinder        AKA

1/8th Electric Buggy
Driver                          Chassis                    Motor/ESC            Battery                Tire
Adam Drake (TQ)       TLR 8ight E 2.0       Tekin / Tekin          Losi                     Proline Sniper
Kellen Freeman            TLR 8ight E 2.0       Tekin / Tekin                                     AKA
Ronda Drake                TLR 8ight E 2.0      Tekin / Tekin          Losi                     Proline Caliber