TLR takes Rd 4-Greek 1/10 Off-Road National Championship Series

Team Losi Racing takes Round 4 of the Greek 1/10 EP Off-Road National Championship Series
On November 11th at the Fanatix Racing Track in Greece, Team Losi Racing Team Driver Nicolas Floudas won the Modified 2WD class at the 4th round of the Greek 1/10 EP Off-road National Championship Series with his Team Losi Racing 22 Buggy. Nicolas used Losi Red IFMAR Studs and Silver Ribbed Fronts to control the traction while using his Spektrum DX3R Pro and Spektrum 6040 servo. Also teammate John Cotsias qualified 9th and managed to finish 6th in the A-Main with his Team Losi Racing 22. Congratulations to Nicolas with his win and we wish him the best with his pursuit of winning the Greek National Championship in 2012.


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Drake takes JBRL Nitro Series Rd 8

This past weekend was the final round of the eight race JBRL Nitro Series held at Hot Rod Hobbies in Saugus, CA.  In the Expert buggy class qualifying would be extremely close on the small high bite track.  Team Losi Racing driver Adam Drake would take round 1 TQ in the early morning but would see that TQ slip away in round 2 as the track got much faster and a few problems would see The Drake starting in the runner up position for the 25min A-main.

The start of the A-main was quite exciting as some of the pit guys were not ready for the start but the tone went anyways and all you saw were a bunch of cars getting thrown onto the straightaway.  Fairly clean start for the circumstances and the top three on the grid had a great battle for the first half of the race.  Adam Drake would take the lead at the halfway mark with his great fuel mileage (one stop in 25min) and never look back taking the win by just over 12sec.  Teammates Cody smith and Jacob Haas had a great battle almost the entire race with Cody just betting our Jacob for 5th overall.  


Team Losi Racing takes the Belgian SCT Cup

The fifth and final round of the Belgian SCT Cup 2012 took place at the Blackcountry Arena’s indoor astroturf track in Charleroi. The club, which hosted one of the EOS races in 2011, has as always been very efficient in organizing the race, and even offered a glass of champagne to everyone at the end. The 2WD class saw the most attendees this weekend with some fast guys like Jean-François Renard and Nicolas Hammerton in attendance. The first and second leg of qualification was won by Nicolas Evens which gave him the overall TQ. The third leg was a tough one with four fast guys fighting hard on the track, running all together for most of the 6 minutes. In the end Jean-François was the quickest in front of Vincent Brauns and Nicolas Hammerton. In the first A-final Vincent had an excellent run with his rear motor truck. He was able to secure a second place between the two Nicolas’s and their 22SCTs. Second final started by a huge pile-up allowing Nicolas Evens to have half a lap lead. Nicolas Hammerton and Jean-François Renard fought for second place and ended in that order, separated by 1.5 seconds only. Last final saw the same guys fighting for the victory, with Vincent taking the win.

Result 2WD
1. Nicolas Evens – Team Losi Raing 22SCT
2. Vincent Brauns – Team C TS2
3. Nicolas Hammerton – Team Losi Raing 22SCT
4. Jean-François Renard  – Team Losi Raing 22SCT
5. Kristof Dehert – Durango DESC210DM

Result 4WD
1. Raphael Robert – Hong Nor Nexx10
2. Nicolas Evens – Losi TEN-SCTE
3. Frank Devos – Associated SC10
4. Mike Renotte – Hong Nor SCRT10
5. Matthieu Carpin – Associated SC10

Overall standings 2WD
1. Nicolas Evens 404 – Team Losi Raing 22SCT
2. Edouard-Benoît Michez 384
3. Ronald Dupont 376
4. John Meys 373
5. Vincent Brauns 292

Overall standings 4WD
1. Raphael Robert 402
2. Nicolas Evens 393 – Losi TEN-SCTE
3. Mike Renotte 385
4. Matthieu Carpin 276
5. Jurgen Smekens 276

Congrats to all of the Team Losi Racing Drivers!

From: http://www.shortcourse.eu/2012/10/belgian-sct-cup-rd5/