TLR Takes 3 On The East Coast!

It was another great weekend for TLR on the East coast. TLR’s Factory driver J.R. Mitch attended the Thunder Ally RC Speedway Christmas Race in Wilson, North Carolina. Mitch was there to make it known that the new TLR 8IGHT 4.0 is the car to beat this season by setting the TQ and taking the win in the Nitro Buggy class. To back up his nitro buggy efforts, Mitch also set the TQ and took the win in the E-Buggy class.

To top off a perfect weekend, TLR’s rising star Austin Woodward finished second in the Nitro Buggy class with his 8IGHT 4.0, but laid it down in the Nitro Truggy class by taking the TQ and the win. Looks like the kid is making his presence known!


Maifield Doubles Up at J Concepts Finals!

When you want to make a statement and you don’t know how, take a page out of TLR’s Ryan Maifields hand book. At the J Concepts Indoor National Final, Maifiled walked away with a win the incredibly tough 2WD Modified buggy class by beating not one, but three World Champions in the process. How do back that up…by going out and doing the same thing in Modified 4WD buggy…that’s how! More proof that the new TLR 22 3.0 is the buggy to beat along with the always winning TLR 22-4.


Floudas Takes 2WD Win at Greece Nationals!

We’ve said it before and we’ll never get tired of saying it…Where ever you go in the world, TLR is winning! This time, it’s TLR team driver Nick Floudas from Greece winning 2WD Mod Buggy with his Spektrum controlled TLR 22 3.0 at the last round of the Greece Nationals. Nick backed up his 2WD result with a 3rd place finish with his TLR 22-4 in the Mod 4WD Class.


TLR Team Drivers Continue to Win!

Kevin Motter
Proving once again that the new 22 3.0 works in any class on any surface, Motter took his 22 3.0 to the TQ position at the 2015 Reedy Outdoor Off-Road Championships. Motter took a convincing win in A1 but didn’t have the same outcome in A2 and settled for 2nd place overall.

David Jenson
Also at the 2015 Reedy Outdoor Off-Road Championships, Jenson laid down an awesome run in the 4WD SCT taking the overall win.

JP Richards
Over in the snow covered Midwest, it was Richards taking the TQ and win in both Mod Buggy and Mod 4WD Buggy at the 3rd annual Turkey Run held at The Ohio RC Factory.

Spencer Heckert
Following close behind his TLR teammate at the Turkey Run, Heckert finished 2nd in Mod Buggy and Mod 4WD Buggy.

Ben Ellis
Continuing with results from the Midwest, Ellis took his 22 3.0 to the TQ and win the Spec Tire class at the inaugural Archway Classic at SMAC Trac in St. Louis.

Colin Weatherholt
JCP RC in Indianapolis, Indiana hosted Round 1 of the Winter Nitro Points Series this past weekend. TLR driver, Colin Weatherholt, made his way to the race to shakedown the all-new 8IGHT 4.0 buggy. Weatherholt was able to shake his way to victory after a full day of racing.

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Evans Takes Two Titles at the North-West Astro Invitational!

The 2015 North-West Astro Invitational was hosted by NW Hobbies in Albany, Oregon this past weekend. Several classes were run including an Invitational 2WD Modified Buggy and 4WD Modified Buggy class.  The event attracted both local talent and internationally experienced drivers. In the Invitational 2WD Buggy class, TLR’s Dustin Evans drove his Orion powered, Spektrum controlled 22 3.0 to a clean sweep taking the overall win.

In the 4WD Modified Buggy class it was again Evans driving his Orion powered, Spektrum controlled 22-4 who would set the pace. After grabbing the TQ in the qualifiers, he also laid down a blistering pace in the A-main to take his second title of the weekend.

 Maifield TQ's and Wins Pro Buggy & E-Buggy at U.S. Open Fuel Championships!

The first ever US Open Fuel Championships were held this past weekend at the iconic Fear Farm in Arizona. In the Nitro Buggy class TLR’s Ryan Maifield took his brand new Orion powered 8IGHT 4.0 to the overall TQ position. Once the green flag flew, Maifield continued on his TQ pace and lapped the entire field in the hour long main taking the win and the top step on the podium. Continuing his TQ and winning ways, Maifield drove his 8IGHT-E 3.0 to the TQ and overall win in the E-Buggy class.


Chris Wheeler Takes the 22 3.0 to yet Another TQ and Win!

This past weekend was the 30th annual Arizona State Championships hosted by Hobbytown USA/ SRS Raceway. TLR was well represented in all the major classes with myself and teammate Josh Bend in attendance. I would compete in 17.5 Expert Buggy,2wd Modified Buggy, and Modified SC. Josh would compete in 2wd Modified Buggy, 4wd Modified Buggy and Modified Truck.

17.5 Expert Buggy-
With 3 rounds of qualifying using your single fastest round to position you in the main I was able to put my TLR 22 3.0 in the TQ spot for the Triple A-mains and taking the win in A1 and A2 I was able to secure the overall victory

2wd Modified Buggy- After Qualifying I would start 4th on the grid with my TLR 22 3.0 and Josh would line up 8th with his 22 2.0, After some very rough Triple A-mains I was able to secure the 4th spot overall with Josh in the 7th spot.

4wd Modified Buggy- Josh would start 2nd on the grid for the for the extended 6-minute single main and would hold on to maintain a 2nd place finish overall.

Modified SC- I would start 2nd on the grid for the 8-minute single A-Main and after grabbing the lead spot early on I would maintain it and take the win.

Modified Truck- Josh would start 3rd  on the grid and while running 2nd unfortunately tangled with a car on the straight causing him to retire early.

Chris Wheeler

Tyler Jones TQ’s and Wins with the 22 3.0!

I attended the second round of the OHKY Series. This round was at SRI and drew in 179 entries for the one day race with some of best regional racers and a TLR factory driver JP Richards. I chose to run the two biggest 2wd mod classes which included 2wd mod buggy and mod ST. This was my second race with the TLR 22 3.0 2wd buggy. This was my second weekend with the car and I was looking forward to running it again. The 2wd buggy class was the biggest for the day, going down to a D main. Mod ST would go down to a C main.

 Qualifying came and my TLR 22 3.0 was flying. My Spektrum radio equipment kept my lines tight and on point. I had a rough first two rounds which had me sitting 3rd going into last round with the resort. I was happy with this only being the second race with the new car. Third qualifier tone went off and I led the whole qualifier and had the only 17 lap run going. I backed off towards the end of the qualifier to make sure I didn't make a mistake and still took the TQ spot for the main over TLR's JP Richard.

 Main time came and I was really confident in my car and my driving. Tone went off and it was over. I led wire to wire putting the entire field at least one or more laps down!! This felt like a big race win for not running the new car but 2 races and this only being my second year of racing 1/10 scale cars. Second place was Nick Richards and Dylan Gerard in third.

 Mod ST qualifying went off perfect! My TLR 22T 2.0 was on point all day and my Spektrum radio equipment was amazing with blistering lap times. I went onto TQ all three rounds of qualifying with the only 16 lap run.

 Main time came and was really pleased with how the truck and I performed all day. The tone went off and I checked out just like the 2wd buggy main bringing home the win!! All three trucks on the podium were the TLR 22T 2.0!! Second place was Josh McDonald and third was Jeff Sumner.

Thanks again for all the support and kind words from everyone!!

Tyler Jones


TLR Takes Championship of Brazil!

Our teammates from www.tlrbrasil.com.br are proud to inform us that their team drivers have won the Championship of Brazil. TLR team driver Marco Amaral has won the Buggy title with his 8IGHT 3.0 and Fred Costa has won the Truggy title with his 8IGHT-T 3.0. More proof that where ever you are in the world, you just can’t beat TLR.



Magnus Frandsen Wins Danish 1/8 EP Championship

The 7th round of the danish 1/8 EP Championship was held in Bramming, Denmark, 30 October - 1 November with a total of 31 drivers. Magnus Frandsen was able to take the overall TQ with Burak Kilic and Mike Gosvig in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Magnus was able to drive away from the field in A1 after an early mistake from Burak Kilic.

The second final was an intense battle between Magnus and Burak who changed positions several times and were very close together. Going close into the washboard and Burak with a mistake allowed Magnus through for the last 2 laps and handed him the win and the overall win for the 1/8 EP Danish Championship.

Berkan Kilic won A3 which made it TLR 1,2 and 3 podium for the 7th round. Overall Danish championship 1/8 EP standings: 1. Magnus Frandsen 2. Mike Gosvig 3. Jan D. Hansen Please dont tag me - thanks:-)


  I attended the 5th round of the Tri-State series at Stateline Rc in Fremont,IN. This series covered Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan among several great tracks. This was the only race I was able to attend in the series. Great group of racers showed up and made the racing a blast!
  I have been on a month long string of races at different tracks and even getting a 1/10 points race in. My cars have been flawless and I've been driving really well and results are showing. My dad puts in a ton of setup work to get me the best cars I can get and really can't thank him enough!

  I ran nitro and electric 1/8 buggy at this event.

  In ebuggy I was able to TQ all three of the seven minute qualifiers. My TLR 8E 3.0 powered by LRP electronics were all out hooked up on green JConcepts Diamond Bars. My Spektrum radio equipment kept my lines on point all weekend. Main time came and I pulled away from the start and took the win!!

  In nitro buggy I would tq two of the three rounds of the seven minute qualifiers. The one I didn't TQ was a mistake on my part and my TLR teammate Collin Weatherholt would TQ that round. Again my TLR 8B 3.0 powered by my LRP engine with the fuel mileage mod by The Nitro Shop would sip the Bones Brew fuel for awesome power and mileage all day!! My JConcepts green Diamond Bars shined bright and would lay down some blistering laps all day. Good thing I had my awesome Spektrum radio equipment to keep my lines on point all day again! Main time came and going around the corner I hit a kicker on the small double and I landed on my lid and falling to dead last. Took a while for a turn marshal to get to me and I was over half a lap back from the leader. Wasn't too worried though as my car has been so fast these last few races. Put my head down and roared to catch the leader. Made a sweet pass and checked out from there to take the dominating win!!

 BIG thanks to all you media sites who post my race reports! Can't thank everyone enough!!

Tyler Jones


"Southern Nationals is a wrap. Louisiana treated me well!"

Cole Ogden writes...
The track had to have been the best track anyone has ever raced on. The jumps were huge and track flowed really well. It held together, and traction was awesome! I took the TQ in pro buggy in the first 2 rounds of qualifying, while struggling with my truggy. I would start in the 5 spot for the main in truggy.

At the start of the 45 minute truck main, I had a clean start with some very close racing. I made a small mistake that dropped me back a couple spots, only then to get sent off the track the next lap. I was sent all the way to 13th and was very close to being lapped. I put my head down and fought back to 2nd. I was turning fast laps and got the lead down to 6 seconds to finish 2nd behind Joe Bornhorst who was on cruise control. Congrats dude!

In buggy, the start was a toss up.....people were switching spots and wrecking everywhere. I cased the back double and lost the lead to Lutz on the first lap. Only to regain it after dodging a wreck on the front straight. I continued to stretch my lead and lapped the field at about 20 minutes. Around that time, I made small mistake and flipped upside down, the marshall slipped and almost fell on my car but stuffed my pipe in the process. Flammed out, got refired and got back on the track right in front of the epic 2nd place battle between J.R. and Joe. I maintained a good lead til the finish to take the win!

Successful and very fun weekend of racing with friends. Had good times on and off the track. Now onto the Byrons race this weekend in Nebraska! Thanks to all my sponsors for their support, couldn't do it without you! TLR, HORIZON HOBBY and special thanks to my dad and Casey Wilson for the pit help!
Tyler Jones Wins The Monsters of The Midwest Race at JCP RcCRaceway!

Tyler writes...

This past weekend I attended the final round of The Monsters of The Midwest series. The series visited four different tracks in three different states. This final round was held at JCP Rc Raceway in Edinburgh,IN.

  In ebuggy qualifying I would go on to tq all three rounds with my LRP powered TLR 8E 3.0 running on JConcepts green Stackers and kept under control with my Spektrum radio equipment. Main time would come and at the tone I checked out and lead wire to wire for the win with Jaythen Hudson third and his dad second. We've put a lot of testing into this car lately and it is so much fun to drive!

  In nitro buggy qualifying it would take until third qualifier to get the tq with some stiff competition! My LRP engine with The Nitro Shop fuel mileage mod helped sip my Bones Brew fuel in my TLR 8B 3.0 to lay down some super fast consistent laps. My Spektrum radio equipment helped keep my car flying through the layout. Main time would come and at the tone I started pulling away instantly. I got caught up with some lapped traffic and allowed second and third to close in some. Wasn't enough though as I pulled away again. Just lapped second place and made a mistake and decided to let second and third go as they were battling for position. I just followed them till the end taking the win with Collin Weatherholt second and Derek Weatherholt third. My cars are the best they have ever been and I've had some great wins with our older setup. The setup work my dad puts in amazing. He's always trying to get me every little bit and we aren't afraid to try different things.

  I didn't run the whole six race series though. I ran three of them with three tq's, two wins, and a third. Should have won all three but we tried stretching fuel mileage a little too far and come from a lap down to finish third that race.

  Thanks to:





Tyler Jones


TLR's Ellis and Horizon Hobby UK Team Wrap-up the Off-Road Wars Series

TLR/Horizon Hobby UK Team Report:
Off-Road Wars 3 - Season Review

The third Off Road Wars series is now over for another winter season and what a successful championship campaign the team has had. Looking back on the series TLR has dominated both 2WD and 4WD on the array of circuits at Maritime. The premier indoor facility has seen some exciting and challenging tracks that have varied from multi-surface through to 100% carpet. The surface change is not the only variable that has occurred over the course of the championship with the track extension being brought in for the fourth round opening the track up allowing for a greater variety of layouts. Both decisions by the club have proved to be popular among the racers going to show that the Maritime club are truly about providing a great track for all to compete on. Speaking with Ian Knight about the track surface change he mentioned that the intention is to introduce wooden turns from time to time to change things up, but the 100% carpet circuit has worked well and provided a different challenge from the traditional mix at the venue.

In 4WD the team took both TQ honors and the win at every rounds of the season with Karl Jackson, Christopher Delves, Billy Fletcher and Ross Nicholson all contributing to this impressive tally. The 22-4 really showed it’s pace in their hands with Karl Jackson being crowned Champion at the penultimate round of the series having won 3 of the 4 rounds and finishing 2nd in the other round, leaving the fight for second and third to go down to the wire between Billy and Chris. At the final round of the series Billy clinched TQ ahead of Chris and Karl only to make an error in the final that ended his fight for 2nd handing it to Chris whilst Ross took the final victory of the season to end it on a high and take fifth in the championship. This meant that TLR took 4 of the top 5 championships spots! Congratulations to Karl on his first ORW title, he was fully deserved of the win ahead of teammates Chris and Billy with the trio often having some very close and exciting racing during qualifying and the finals.

The 2WD class was dominated by Ellis Stafford in the early rounds taking the TQ spot and the win at rounds 1 and 2. Christopher Delves would be runner up behind Ellis but on occasion looked as if he could take the fight to the lead driver only to make small errors that cost big. Chris’ chance came at round 3 where he took his first TQ and Win of the series which couple with a tough day at the office for Ellis meant that Chris was leading the championship going into the 4th round. Ellis resumed normal performance by clinching maximum points in the fourth round and thus taking the title fight down to the final round with Chris having a single point lead over Ellis. At the final round of the series 8th scale pro Jack Embling was in attendance to take the competition level up a notch. Whilst Jack took the TQ spot the final wasn’t a one horse race with the deciding podium positions coming down to the last few laps where Jack took the win 1.5seconds ahead of Chris and Ellis. Despite beating his teammate Ellis had a low counting score from round 3 that he dropped to take the title win by 3 points. Billy Fletcher has had a tough time in 2wd often showing blistering pace but seemingly not coming together for him but despite this he managed to round off the top 3 in the 2wd championship in 3rd to make it another championship lockout for the TLR/Horizon Hobby UK team. Karl Jackson and Glenn Doman finished up 8th and 10th respectively in the championship that meant 5 of the top 10 were TLR 22 2.0 proving the cars pace and speed at this venue. Congratulations to Ellis on his impressive third consecutive championship win at ORW’s.

It has to be said that the Maritime track crew out did themselves at every round giving up their own time during the week on the lead up to the event to build tracks that challenged and excited all. This is often a thankless job that goes un-noticed but all who competed at the event had nothing but praise for their efforts and we would like to thank the guys for their work on the lead up to the event not to mention during the event to repair damaged features and keep the racing going. To the ladies (and Doug) at Maritime Much we all thank you for the countless cups of tea and breakfast’s you have prepared for all the racers to keep us going. Even if we have a bad run a cup of tea can fix everything and help us to focus on the problems we are having. Finally thank you to Ian Knight who not only runs a superb event but works hard in the background before and after the event doing many unenviable tasks that we all take for granted. Whether it’s changing a PT number or putting up the race results immediately after the event so you can analyse what happened throughout the day and see where you are in the championship. If you have ever contemplated coming to race at Maritime we highly recommend it if you are looking for some indoor racing at a premier facility.

Off Road Wars 4 will commence later on in 2015 and the team will again be back to defend their titles! For now the team are looking to focus on the upcoming national season and will be using the next month or so to prepare and we would like to wish all our team the best of luck on track this season.


TLR's Dustin Evans dominates Motorama 2015

Dustin Evans sweeps the 2015 Motorama 1/10-scale race, winning the 2WD Mod Buggy, Mod Stadium Truck and 4WD Mod Buggy with his TLR 22 2.0, 22T 2.0 and 22-4!

Here are a few more images from the race. Enjoy!

Look who it is!!!!


Team Losi Racing's Ryan Maifield 2015 Reedy Invite Champion!!!

Thanks to his dominating performance all weekend in the 2WD and 4WD Invite classes, Maifield would enter his final race of the event already crowned the champion but that did not stop him from once again crossing the finish line first.

This is momentous occasion for Maifiled who finished second in both 2013 and 2014. Now as a Team Losi Racing driver he finally gets his name added to the covenanted Reedy International Race of Champions trophy.

Congratulation on a awesome weekend of racing Ryan!!!