Davis Sweeps King of the Hill Race

This past weekend Losi driver Bobby Davis attended the King Of the Hill race in Whiterock, NM at the Northern New Mexico RC Club. Boggy took first place in the 1/8 Buggy Main with his 8IGHT 2.0 buggy, and second place in the 1/8th Truggy Main with his 8IGHT-T 2.0 truggy.


Losi Finishes 1-2 at Round 3 of NovaRossi Summer Series

Revelation Raceway hosted Round Three of the NovaRossi Summer Series. Several Losi drivers competed in the Expert Buggy class with the 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy Race Roller. In qualifying Losi driver Colby Poh was the top qualifier in round one, but fellow teammate Adam Drake was to take the top qualifying spot in round two for the overall TQ at the event.

In the A-main six of the ten drivers were competing with the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy Race Roller. Each of these six Losi drivers powered their buggies with Nitrotane fuel and Losi’s 450 Series Reptile Buggy Tires in the new Green tire compound. Adam took the lead from the beginning of the main, and was able to maintain his lead all the way to a fist place finish. Colby finished closely behind in second place, with teammates Chris Burling finishing in fifth, Matt Castellano in sixth, Matt Schreffler in eighth and Trevor Adamo in tenth.

Adam’s win at the event allowed him to wrap-up the buggy title with a perfect score from the first three rounds: Three TQs and Three Wins. Congratulations Adam and the Losi Team for a great race!


Electric On-Road National Championships in Welkom

The Electric On-Road National Championships in Welkom, South Africa attracted several talented drivers. Losi driver Dean Steenmans participated, and this was his first on-road event this year. Due to the fact that this was his fist race of the year he had to start at the back, which made it difficult for him to put in a best qualifying time. At the end of Saturday he managed to qualify third on the A-Main grid with less than a second between the top three qualifiers. Sunday he wrapped it up by winning the first two mains.

Congratulations Dean!

IFMAR Pre Worlds and African Cup EP Off Road 2009

The IFMAR and First African Cup EP Off Road event was held over two days with four rounds of qualifying and three rounds of finals. The track was completed just in time for this event, so this event was also the inaugural run for the track.

The 2 Wheel Drive class started the event, and average lap times began at 18.10 seconds and TQ was taken in 16.797 seconds. However the fastest lap time went to Gary Styger at just over 15.3 seconds.

The 4 Wheel Drive class followed with beginning lap times at 19.917 seconds and TQ coming in at 15.919 seconds. The fastest lap went to Guilherme De Sousa at 15.427 seconds.

The finals were run over three heats with the best two heats being counted. The winners were not confirmed until the last heat was over, and the results are as follows:

2 Wheel Drive
Pos, Car, Driver, Scores
1, 2, Gary Styger, 2 2 1
2, 3, Stefan Fourie, 1 4 2
3, 1, Kenny Morey, 3 1 3

4 Wheel Drive
Pos, Car, Driver, Scores
1, 1, Guilherme De Sousa, 1 1 1
2, 4, Stefan Fourie, 3 2 2
3, 2, Kenny Morey, 2 7 3

Losi Finishes 1-2 at 2009 Australian Truggy Nationals

The 2009 Australian Truggy Nationals took place August 6-9, and were hosted by SDMCC.

Losi drivers and their 8IGHT-T 2.0 Truggies have continued their winning streak in the Australian National season. Fresh from their top performance at the RC Pro event in Queensland (placing 3rd), Losi driver Tim Gaukroger (96/60:12:185) took the win over fellow Losi driver Adam Alexander (94/60:21:737). The 60-minute A-Final saw a strong presence from the 8IGHT-T 2.0 Truggy with a total of six 8IGHT-T 2.0 Truggies in the twelve driver A-Final, and four of the top six drivers representing Losi! With various pit strategies in play the Losi drivers were dominant in the final.

The A-Final was an interesting race. Losi driver Tim Gaukroger was one of only two drivers to post a lap time under 35-seconds, with 34.926 during lap 58. Gaukroger battled for the lead during the majority of the race, and his hard work certainly paid off as he finished first in final. Losi drivers Adam Alexander finished right behind Gaukroger in second place, Daniel Yarrow finished in fifth place and Dean Michalik finished in sixth.

Losi congratulates Tim and all the Losi drivers on their outstanding results!

A-Final - Losi Results:
1st Tim Gaukroger 96/60m12.185s
2nd Adam Alexander 94/60m21.737s
5th Daniel Yarrow 93/60m25.652s
6th Dean Michalik 91/60m27.083s


RC Pro Great Lakes Division Final

Losi drivers Chuck Berg and Dakotah Phend attended the RC Pro Great Lakes Division Final at Stateline R/C Speedway in Fremont, Indiana August 7-9, 2009.

Dakotah TQ'd and won 1/8 Pro Buggy and 1/8 Pro Electric Buggy Mains. Chuck Berg TQ'd and won the 1/8 Pro Truggy Main with Dakotah finishing in second place.

Chuck & Dakotah both competed with their 8IGHT 2.0 buggies, 8IGHT-T 2.0 truggies, Nitrotane fuel, & Spektrum DX3R radios in all classes.


Luebke Six-Time German Electric Off-Road National Champion

On August 1-2 the Stock and Modified German Electric Off-Road Truck Nationals were hosted in Trier by the Team Turtles Trier club, the same club that hosted the 2008 German Electric Off-Road 4WD Nationals.

The weather was hot for Saturday's qualifying. Team Losi Racing’s factory driver and worlds A-finalist Marcus Luebke set the pace in the modified class and secured the pole position in the finals with a consecutive five qualifying wins with his XXX-T CR Truck.

The modified A-final saw a 1-2-3 line-up of Losi drivers Marcus Luebke, Kim Sitensky (2004, 2005 & 2008 German Truck Champion) and Juergen Kropp (2006 German Truck Champion & Swiss Truck Champion). The finals were run on Sunday in rainy conditions. Marcus won all three A-finals to secure his 6th German Electric Off-Road National title.

Urbain at 2009 Touring Car European Championships

Team Losi Racing recently had a privateer racer, Lucas Urbain, placed 9th at last weekend's Touring Car European Championships in Luxembourg. Lucas qualified 5th overall for Sunday’s A-Main event within a field of European and World Champions. Lucas’ JRX-S Type R Racing Sedan was unbelievable at this race as he took Top Qualifying honors in the 5th Round over the elite field of Touring Car racers and manufacturers.

Congratulations to Lucas Urbain for such a brilliant performance with the Team Losi Racing JRX-S Type R.

Click here to view Lucas' setup for his JRX-S Type R.


2009 Ohio State Fair Shootout

The 2009 Ohio State Fair Shootout took place August 1-2 in Columbus, OH. Losi drivers Dakota Phend, Kevin Wilson, Dylan Sebert and Keith Chinn participated in the event. Dakota was the top qualifier in the Pro Arena Truck class, Pro Bruggy class and Electric Buggy class. Dakota also took first place in the Pro Buggy main and the Electric Buggy main, and Kevin took first place in the Pro Arena Truck Main.
Dylan Sebert took first place in the Sportsman Arena Truck main and Keith Chinn was the top qualifier and first place winner of the Sportsman Muggy main.

All Losi drivers were competing with the 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy Race Roller, 8IGHT-T 2.0 Truggy Race Roller and 8IGHT-E 2.0 Buggy Race Roller. Congratulations to all drivers on their outstanding performance!


Truhe Dominates 2nd Annual Pikes Peak Nitro Challenge

The 2nd Annual Pikes Peak Nitro Challenge Pay Race was sponsored by Mugen Racing. The race was held at Colorado Fast Track in Colorado Spring, Colorado. With a pay-out to the top five in each class, the race had several well know drivers from around the country in attendance. The race proved to be very challenging for most drivers with the track layout designed to be technical, and with the elevation over 6500 ft from sea level motor tuning was very key to success.

In the 1/8 Pro Buggy class Losi driver Mike Truhe was the top qualifier in all 3 rounds of qualifying, with Losi drivers Matt Chambers finishing second in qualifying and Dustin Evans finishing in third. The Main started with Mike Truhe taking full advantage of his qualifying position and working his way to an 8-10 second lead with Matt Chambers running second and Dustin Evans running third. The three Losi drivers each had their turn in the lead, but at the end of the Main, Truhe took the top spot in first place and Matt finished in fourth. Both Mike and Matt were running Losi 450-series Buggy tires on their 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy Race Rollers in the final.

In the 1/8 Pro Truggy class Mike Truhe was again the top qualifier with his 8IGHT-T 2.0 Truggy Race Roller. Going into the Main, Losi had three drivers in the top 5, Mike Truhe, Dustin Evans and Lars Johnson. Truhe started the race with nearly a six second lead, and was able to maintain his position to take first place overall. Mike was running Losi 480-series Truggy tires on his 8IGHT-T 2.0 Truggy in the final.