Annual Turkey Shootout

Losi driver Matt Lee traveled to Fastlane RC in Blue Springs, MO for the First Annual Turkey Shootout. Matt reports that there were 104 total entries in the race.

Matt competed in the 2WD Modified Buggy class, Modified Truck class and 4WD Modified Buggy class. Matt took second place in the 2WD Modified A-Main using an Xcelorin Brushless System, which he comments “had an amazing amount of rip/power.” In the Modified Truck A-Main Matt took first place, and in the 4WD Modified A-Main he finished in fourth place.

EMMA Indoor Buggy Masters

Darren Bloomfield wins at EMMA Indoor Buggy Masters
Eighty-five of the UK's drivers attended the first annual East Midlands Model Motorsport Association (EMMA) Indoor Buggy Masters. The competition was incredibly high and the track proved to be very demanding. In the final race on Sunday, Darren Bloomfield took the lead almost immediately and drove for the overall win. Darren competed with Team Losi Racing's 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy and Nitrotane Fuel to secure the first win of this annual event.


Kyosho Fall Classic

Adam Drake, Chad Nevin and Jim Pierce at the 2008 Kyosho Fall Classic
The Kyosho Fall Classic was held at Revelation Raceway. Losi/GRP drivers Adam Drake and Jim Pierce competed in the Expert Buggy class, and Losi drivers Chad Nevin and Robert Wickham competed in the Amateur Buggy class. All Losi drivers were running the new Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy Race Roller.
In the Expert Buggy A-Main, Adam took the first place win by one lap and Jim finished in third place. In the Amateur Buggy class Chad was the top qualifier, and in the A-Main race Chad finished in first with Robert finishing closely behind in second place.


AZ Championship Series

Vareck Wright took first place in Intermediate Truck.
Cody Rothe took first place in Intermediate Buggy.
Casey Peck took third place in Expert Truck.
Billy Fischer took first place and Chris Weeler took third place in Expert Buggy.

Several Losi drivers had a successful weekend of racing at Round 2 of the Arizona Championship Series.
During qualifying Billy Fischer TQ'd the Expert Buggy class with his 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy and the Expert Truggy class with his 8IGHT-T Truggy. Cody Rothe TQ'd the Intermediate Buggy class with his 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy.
In the mains Billy Fischer and his 8IGHT 2.0 equipped with Losi's Eclipse tires secured the first place spot on the expert buggy podium with fellow Losi driver Chris Wheeler taking third place. In the intermediate buggy class Cody Rothe finished in first place with his 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy, two laps ahead of the second place driver. In the expert truck class Casey Peck finished 3rd with his 8IGHT-T Truggy fueled with Nitrotane. In the intermediate truck class Vareck Wright took a first place finish with his 8IGHT-T Truggy.


2008 Hutchinson Fall Classic

The 2008 Hutchinson Fall Classic took place at Hi Performance Hobbies in Hutchinson, KS. Losi drivers Matt Chambers, Dustin Evans, Matt Lee and Frank Sell all competed at the two day event. The race consisted of racers competing on an indoor hi-bite clay track in 2WD Stock, Truck Stock, Truck Modified, 2WD Modified and 4WD Modified classes.
In the 2WD Stock class Matt Chambers was the Top Qualifier and finish first place in the final with Frank finishing in third place. In the Truck Stock class, Dustin was the Top Qualifier and finished first in the final race, with Matt Chambers following in second place.
In the Truck Modified class Dustin earned the title of Top Qualifier, and in the A-main race Matt Chambers finished in first place, Dustin finished in second place and Matt Lee finished in third place. In the 2WD Modified class final, Dustin finished in first place and Matt Chambers finished in second place. In the 4WD Modified class, Matt Lee took second place in the final and Matt Chambers finished in third.
Congratulations to all Losi drivers on a great race!

West Coast Dirt Oval Nationals

Losi/GRP/Nitrotane driver Chris Vanraemdonck competed in the Racer's Haven West Coast Dirt Oval Nationals in Bakersfield, CA. Chris competed in the 1/8-scale Nitro Buggy, 4WD Sedan Late Model and Buggy Wedge classes.
Chris finished in first place in the 1/8-scale Nitro Buggy A-Main with his Losi 8IGHT equipped with a GRP engine and Nitrotane fuel. Chris also took first place in the Buggy Wedge A-Main, using his Losi XXX-CR Buggy. In the 4WD Sedan Late Model A-Main Chris took second place with his Losi JRXS equipped with a Losi LiPo Battery.

JBRL Series Finals

The JBRL Series Finals were hosted by Hot Rod Hobbies in Saugus, CA. Losi/GRP/Nitrotane drivers Adam Drake, Kyle Johnson and Mike Truhe competed at the event. Adam and Mike competed in the 1/8 Pro Buggy Class with their Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 2.0 Buggies equipped with GRP engines fueled with Nitrotane and GRP tires. Mike was the Top Qualifier and went on to take first place in the A-Main with Adam finishing in second place. Adam also competed in the 1/8 Pro Truck class with his Losi 8IGHT-T equipped with a GRP engine fueled with Nitrotane and Losi Tires. Adam was the Top Qualifier and finished in second place in the A-Main.

Kyle competed in the 1/8 Open Truck class with his Losi 8IGHT-T and the 1/8 Open Buggy class with his Losi 8IGHT 2.0. Kyle fueled both his vehicles with Nitrotane and equipped each with GRP tires. Kyle was the Top Qualifier in both the 1/8 Open Buggy and 1/8 Open Truck classes, and also took first place in both A-Main races.

The overall results for the series' championship included Adam taking first place overall in 1/8 Pro Buggy and Mike taking second place overall. Kyle took first place overall in both 1/8 Open Buggy and 1/8 Open Truck. Congratulations to all drivers on a great series!


Pro Rock Superlift Womens National Rock Crawling Championship

Losi Rock Crawling Team Driver Jake Wright and his mother Teri competed in the 2008 Womens National Rock Crawling Championship in Cougar Buttes, CA with their Losi Sponsored FToy. Their Ftoy, decked out in the Losi Mini Rock Crawler paint scheme, is also sponsored by High Desert Driveline and RCP Crawlers.
The event brought some of the best female drivers from all over the West Coast to compete for the Championship with proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research. With Teri at the wheel, Jake “spotted” her through the tough courses to a 2nd place finish overall.
Congratulations to the Wright family for a great finish!


Losi Sweeps Fall RC Oval Shootout

The new Joplin RC Speedway in Joplin, MO was the host the Fall RC Oval Shootout. Losi/Spektrum driver Doug Gaut set the TQ time in qualifying and went on to take the A-main using his Team Losi Racing L8IGHT Model Race Roller and DLM Late Model Body. Doug led a Losi sweep of the podium spots with Chad Butler finishing second and Jeff Harper in third. This was Doug's second major win in a month after dominating the "King of the Wings" race held in Rochester, IL in early October.