Team Losi Racing Success at JBRL Electric Series Round 2

This past weekend kicked of round 2 of the JBRL Electric Series at one of the nicest RC facility in southern California, Palm Desert R/C Raceway.  With the first round of the electric series hitting a new record with 385 entries, no one knew what to expect at round 2.  Well, round 2 was very close with a total of 355 entries which was really good to see the series staying strong.  The track crew did a super job putting together one of the best layouts I have driver in sometime.  This could also have to do with running electric outdoors on wet track, which is something that doesn’t happen much here in southern California these days.

The Team Losi Racing team had a great showing at Round 2 winning seven classes including Mod and Stock.  All of the TLR vehicles were on point this weekend on the super slippery wet track that was  even tough for the pros to get around.

TLR Results From the Weekend
Mod Truck
TQ-1. Mike Truhe- Team Losi Racing 22T powered by Orion
2. Matt Castellano-  Team Losi Racing 22T powered by Orion
3. Matt Schreffler-  Team Losi Racing  22T powered by Orion

Mod Buggy
TQ-1. Matt Castellano-  Team Losi Racing 22 powered by Orion
2. Mike Truhe-  Team Losi Racing 22 powered by Orion
3. Cody Turner-  Team Losi Racing 22

Spt. Stock Truck
1. Matthew Pages-  Team Losi Racing 22T
2. Shane Koerber
3. Bill Jordan

Spt. Stock Buggy
1. Michael Losi-  Team Losi Racing 22
2. Chad Panek-  Team Losi Racing 22

1/8th Buggy
TQ-1. Matt Schreffler-  Team Losi Racing  8ight 2.0
2. Lucas Sanford
3. Justin Lew

Pro 4 SC
1. Ryan Dunford- Losi TEN-SCTE powered by Orion
2. Jake Thayer
3. Casper- Losi TEN-SCTE

Pro  2 SC
TQ-1. Cody Turner- Losi XXX-SCT