Mitch & Hollis win Bigfoot Extravaganza

The 11th annual Bigfoot race held at Mikes Hobby Shop in Carrollton, TX, attracted racers from all over the country and with a total entry count of 247, it was the largest to date. Team Losi Racing and JConcepts Team drivers JR Mitch and Cody Hollis were spectacular all weekend. JR Mitch got things started by TQ’ing the 2wd SCT modified class and 2wd modified buggy class with the J Concepts Pressure Points tires in green compound with his Team Losi Racing 22SCT and Team Losi Racing 22. Cody Hollis kept things rolling in the Racing Truck class by getting the TQ with his Team Losi Racing 22-T also rocking the J-Concepts Pressure Points in green compound. The tricky conditions which relied on incredible forward bite but a slight amount of rotation to get all the corner speed possible out of the vehicles. Some drivers struggled to adapt, but  JR and Cody had done their homework in years prior and returned to the annual event for a 3rd time, their previous experiences at the  Bigfoot paid off and both JR and Cody were on point.

Sunday began the triple A-main events where JR easily took A1 and A3 in the SCT class to take the overall title.  Cody Hollis battled for 3 mains to seal the victory in the Racing Truck modified class and was clearly the driver to beat in this class and on this particular weekend. 2wd modified was hard fought where JR easily took A1 but some mistakes, start miscues and tight racing turned the class into a 3 A-main battle. Kyle Skidmore emerged in A2 and A3 with victories earning the overall championship. JR Mitch finished 3rd in A3 and combined with his A1 victory finished 2nd overall.

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