2009 Nitrocross World Championships

The 2009 Nitrocross World Championships were hosted by The Nitro Pit in Wittmann, AZ. The event took place October 15-18, and was comprised of Pro Invitational Buggy/Truggy, Expert Buggy/Truggy, Intermediate Buggy/Truggy and Novice Buggy/Truggy classes. Cash prizes were given out to the top ten drivers of the Invite and Expert Buggy and Truggy classes. Other prizes were given to the first and second place winners of the remaining classes.

Several Losi drivers attended the event. Billy Fischer took second place in the Invite Buggy class with his 8IGHT 2.0 Buggy Race Roller. Casey Peck was the Top Qualifier of the Expert Buggy class and went on to take first place in the A-Main, with teammate Chris Wheeler finishing in second place. In the Expert Truggy class Matt Schreffler finished in first place and Chris Wheeler finished in third place. Both drivers competed with the 8IGHT-T 2.0 Truggy Race Roller. In the Electric Buggy class Casey Peck competed with the 8IGHT-E 2.0 Buggy Race Roller for a second place finish.

Congratulations to all Losi drivers for a great race.

Invite Buggy
2. Billy Fischer
6. Adam Drake
7. Matt Castellano

Expert Buggy
1. Casey Peck (TQ)
2. Chris Wheeler
5. Charles Hicks
6. Don Vinkemulder
7. Chris Burling
8. Mike Bustamante
11. Colby Poh
13. Jonny Wachter
14. Matt Schreffler
15. Trevor Clement

Expert Truggy
1. Matt Schreffler
3. Chris Wheeler
4. Chris Burling
6. Casey Peck
9. Colby Poh (TQ)
10. Trevor Clement

Electric Buggy
2. Casey Peck