2013 ROAR Electric National Championships Report

The 2013 1/10 Electric ROAR Nationals are in the books and we have another National Champion, Dakotah “The Phenom” Phend. For its debut race, Phend drove the new Team Losi Racing 22 2.0 Race Buggy Kit to victory to claim the title of 2013 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy ROAR National Champion! Congratulations Dakotah.

This has been back-to-back National Championship weekends for Dakotah winning both the 1/8 Electric Buggy with the new 8IGHT-E 3.0 Kit and 1/10 Pro4 with the TEN-SCTE 2.0 Kit. That makes three (Yes, 3) National Championships in two weekends. In Mod Truck Dakotah TQed three rounds making him the overall TQ for the class with is TLR 22T. With a win in A3, second in A1 and a third in A2, Dakotah would end with a very honorable second place finish. In 4WD Mod Dakotah put it down a few times resulting in an overall 2nd place on the grid for the A-Main.

Throughout the weekend Team Losi Racing was dominating the track in multiple classes. Taking TQ in multiple rounds in multiple classes and finishing the mains with stellar results. A few to highlight are Michael Losi with second place qualifying in Stock Buggy and Truck, finishing in third in Stock Buggy and Second in Stock Truck. In Modified 2WD Short Course (Pro2) Dustin Evans qualified second and too home the hardware for a second place finish. Billy Fisher retained a spot on the podium in Modified 2WD Truck with a fantastic finish for third right behind the TQ (Dakotah Phend) in second. To round out the weekend Dustin Evans made another appearance on the podium in the Modified 2WD buggy class with a very respectable third place finish.

Congratulations to the entire Team not to mention the team support, mechanics, family members at the race, family members at home, all of the sponsors and everyone behind this winning weekend. Without all of YOU this would not be possible. THANK YOU!!!

See a complete list below of the results from qualifying as well as where all of the Team finished.

Stock Buggy:
2.Michael Losi

Stock Truck:
2.Michael Losi

Modified 2WD Short Course:
2.Dustin Evans
5.JR Mitch
9.JP Richards

Modified 2WD Truck:
TQ Dakotah Phend
4.Billy Fischer
6.Mike Truhe
9.Cody Hollis
10.JR Mitch

Modified 4WD Buggy:
2.Dakotah Phend
9.Dustin Evans

Modified 2WD Buggy:
3.Dakotah Phend
5.Dustin Evans
7.Billy Fischer

Stock Buggy:
3. Michael Losi

Stock Truck:
2. Michael Losi

Modified 2WD Short Course:
2. Dustin Evans
5. JR Mitch
9. JP Richards

Modified 2WD Truck:
2. Dakotah Phend (TQ)
3.Billy Fischer
4. Mike Truhe
5. Cody Hollis
10. JR Mitch
Modified 4WD buggy:
5. Dakotah Phend
7. Dustin Evans

Modified 2WD Buggy:
1. Dakotah Phend (National Champion!!!!)
3. Dustin Evans
10. Billy Fischer
11. Mike Truhe
12. JR Mitch