TLR's McDuffie takes Rd. 6 of JBRL

Race Report
From: Brian McDuffie

This past weekend JBRL Round 6 was held at Pegasus Hobbies with over 180 entries for the round.  This was the first year for the track to do sugar surface or should we say "Candy Land" track. I was able to qualify 2nd, missing TQ by a few seconds from Cody Turner.

The main started with Cody, myself and Rudy Rico in the top three. Cody had a bobble early and I took the lead. Half way through the race I traction rolled at the end of the straight away and Rico took the lead. On the next lap coming onto the straight I was able to take the inside corner to take the lead back and I never looked back taking the win. My Team Losi Racing 22 2.0 mid-motor, Orion power car was hooked up all day on AKA tires.