TLR’s Zanchettin 2014 Italian National Champion

From our Italian Team Losi Racing Team Manager - Francesco Baldo

This year’s Italian Championship was all about Team Losi Racing, all four races in the Italian Championship 1/8 buggy series were won by a TLR driver, with Alex Zanchettin winning three races and Alessandro Stocco winning one. Winning the Italian Championship is not the only a good reason for our team to celebrate, but that the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT platform won in every track surface imaginable from a cement track to a “potato field” track to a smooth/groomed track and each in both wet and dry conditions. Basically, just to say it nicely, “we nailed it” proving that the 8IGHT 3.0 buggy is now at a point, where driving it WILL make you more competitive at any race track, no more excuse about it. This year, the TLR team did a great job. Alex, Alessandro, Walter, Maurizio, Eghlis, Erik, Nicola and Giacomo won nearly every race they participated in at the local level and constantly won or arrived in the finals at the events at national or international level. We are proud to have such a good team who have been working hard and very close together to achieve the best results.

Today is a day of celebration for the Zanchettin family for the title that Alex was so close to last year, but slipped away due to a couple of driving mistakes. This year, we could write about the level of maturity that Alex has reached, but like Adriano Zanchettin would say, “it would have been much harder for us to win if we hadn’t had a great team behind us, sharing information, testing products and getting together at the end of every qualifying run to share our thoughts”. So, the bottom line is: Well done Alex and Adriano Zanchettin, your success is the starting line for a great future in the RC business. You demonstrated to be able to adapt your equipment and mostly your head, passion and temperament to every track and every occasion.

Well done for Alessandro Stocco, the second place in the championship was so close. Unfortunately, one episode denied a result that would have been well deserved. Well done to Walter Floris, Maurizio Tinnirello and Eghlis Gallo, you have always been present in the major events and contributed to this amazing season’s result. A special thanks goes to the Bottosso family that during this hard year 2014, supported TLR in a fantastic way and managed to get Erik, Giacomo and Nicola constantly on the track, showing that good manners and great passion are the best way to achieve great results in and off the track. As Horizon Hobby/TLR we would like to thank ALL our drivers for this amazing season. We are proud to have such a good team and we are sure that the rest of the season will bring even more satisfaction.