Race Wins Continue Worldwide!

Check out this report from our TLR drivers in Indonesia…
“Indonesia Offroad National Championship series 2 at Lembang, Bandung.
85 participants from all over Indonesia are competing in this race.
We have great results for all Team Xtreme drivers and all TLR drivers.
The 8IGHT 4.0 is very fast, reliable, easy to drive and strong like a tank.
Reza Rakasiwi the super duper fast and consistent TLR driver in town dominates the 3 of 4 rounds (2 rounds was cancelled due to rain)  won the semi and easily win the 60" main final race,  overlapping so many laps against the other drivers.”

Here are the final results;
1. Reza Rakasiwi / TLR
3. Adrian Sutanto / TLR
5. Chopin Yusuf /  TLR