Phend wins big at Desert Classic

Dakotah Phend, aka The Phenom, completes the major race debut for the all-new TLR 22 4.0 by taking the wins in A1 and A2 for a convincing victory in the highly competitive Modified Buggy Class. Dakotah ran his 22 4.0 as lay-down, with shocks in the front of the rear tower and all of the standard dirt parts.

Dakotah also had a stellar weekend in the truck classes, taking both TQ's for the main events. Dakotah dominated the Modified 2wd SC class by sweeping the weekend! Dakotah's 22SCT 3.0 took the TQ in all four rounds of qualifying and cruised to victory in the first two mains. Having a shot at the overall win on th last lap of the final Modified Stadium Truck, main, it didn't go Dakotah's way but he still finished an impressive 3rd in his debut with the all new 22T 3.0!