Richards & Phend top TLR Shootout at Dirtburners

Race Report from Team Losi Racing's JP Richards:

Over the weekend I attend the TLR Shootout at Dirt Burners Hobbies and Raceway in Livonia, Michigan. There was practice all day Friday and Saturday with 3 rounds of rocket round qualifying with single A mains. The race brought just over 200 entries of the best racers in MI and Ohio. Due to the large amount of entries they decided to go to 2 rounds of qualifying with 2 bumps ups for the mains.

2WD - My Team Losi Racing 22 2.0 in mid motor configuration with AKA Déjà Vù's and Pinstripes, was dialed all day long from start to finish. I was able to go out and set a blistering pace in the first heat that was able to hold up through the remaining 4 heats. Round 2 finding a better tire sauce my car got even better. I was able to better my round 1 TQ run by 3 seconds. I would start the main on pole and would lead the first lap, till a slight mistake let Luke by, but 1 lap later I got by for the lead and continued to build on it till I finished on my own lap.

Top 5:
1- JP Richards - TLR
2 -Dakotah Phend - TLR
3- Al horne - AE
4- Aydin Horne - AE
5- Luke Richards - Kyosho

4WD - My Team Losi Racing 22-4 with AKA Déjà Vù's and Typos was good all day. Round 1 I was in a tough qualifier with traffic. I was able to get 2nd in the round 6 seconds back from Dakotah. In round 2 after making some changes to my car it was on rails for the last round. While on a TQ run I made some mistakes and wasn't able to better TQ. For the main I lined up 2nd behind Dakotah. I was able to apply pressure the first 2 minutes, but experiences a servo issue making the car hard to drive. I was able finish 2nd after the 7 minutes.

Top 5:
1- Dakotah Phend - TLR
2- JP Richards - TLR
3- Al Horne - AE
4- Dustin Richards - AE
5- Luke Richards - Kyosho