2012 Horizon Hobby Chi-Town Shootout

Race: 2012 Chi-Town Shootout
Track: Leisure Hours R/C Raceway
Dates: March 2-4th, 2012
Format: 4 IFMAR Rounds using Qual Points, Single 6 minute A-Mains

Team Losi Racing and Losi's Frank Root, Matt Castellano, and Zach Rose made the trip out to Leisure Hours R/C Raceway in Joliet, Illinois for the 2012 Chi-Town Shootout.  The race was sold out and completely full with 35 heats of 10 racers (350 total entries) and a fun, technical layout awaited each and every entrant.  The track had fantastic traction, as always, and a great weekend of racing was had by all.

2wd Modified Racing Truck – This was the 2nd largest class at the event, proof the Team Losi Racing 22T has added a strong “shot in the arm” to the Racing Truck Class.  Matt and Frank made it clear early on they would be racing it out for the TQ.  Frank had a good run in the first round, taking the early TQ.  Matt would charge back in round 2 to secure the 2nd round TQ just ahead of Frank.  Frank made some tweaks to his setup to try Alex Sturgeon’s setup, and was able to move back to the front and take the round 3 TQ ahead of Matt.  Not to be outdone, Matt also tried the setup changes for the final round, and again narrowly took the round 4 TQ from Frank, but Root would ultimately take the overall TQ winning the tie-breaker based off of highest throw-out point.  When the tone went off, an early mistake by Root dropped him back to 2nd right behind Castellano.  Root was stalking Matt looking for a way back past, when a lengthy mistake gave Matt a huge lead.  Frank did all he could to reel Matt back in, but Matt would not be denied the win and Frank came up just short finishing in 2nd, and completing the Team Losi Racing 1-2 sweep!

2wd Modified Buggy – 2wd Mod Buggy was easily the largest class of the event and the qualifying action was intense. Matt Castellano got off to a great start in the 1st round, taking the TQ, with Frank turning in the 3rd fastest time each with the Team Losi Racing 22.  Round 2 saw strong runs for both Matt and Frank again, running 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Moving on from a forgettable round 3, Frank charged hard in the 4th and final qualifier to take the round TQ and secure 3rd on the starting grid right behind teammate, Matt Castellano. With a single A-main, everyone knew anything could happen, and it did to Matt on lap 1 getting caught up in an early wreck. Root would quickly worked his way onto the back of the leader’s buggy, and made his way into the lead.  Frank led for several laps, but also had a costly wreck dropping him back to 4th, where he would finish right behind Matt in 3rd.

Pro4 (Modified 4x4 SCT) –The Losi Ten-SCTE's equipped with TLR Tuned Kits were untouchable all weekend. Zach Rose would TQ each of the 1st three rounds to secure the overall TQ, and Matt Castellano would TQ the 4th round to secure 2nd on the grid.  At the start of the main, the two Losi drivers would charge off from the field, quickly making it a two truck race.  Zach eventually made a small mistake, letting Matt by, and Matt would never look back!  Matt crossed the line first, and Zach finished 3rd overall!

Pro2 (Modified SCT) – Frank’s Losi XXX-SCT equipped with the Team Losi Racing Tuning Kit was dominant from the first time it hit the track. Frank TQ’d the first 3 rounds of qualifying, each by several seconds to secure the overall TQ.  The main started with Frank quickly and decisively pulling away from the field and then controlling the pace, running quick laps and staying clean.  Frank lead from wire to wire to claim the overall win in Pro2!

The Team Losi Racing and Losi team won using the following equipment:
TLR 22 Kit (TLR0022)
TLR 22T Kit (TLR0023)
Losi XXX-SCT Roller (LOSB0113)
Losi TEN-SCTE Roller (LOSB0127)
TLR Tuned Kit for XXX-SCT (TLR0900)
TLR Tuned Kit for TEN-SCTE (TLR0901)
Spektrum DX3R Pro (SPM3200)
Spektrum 6040 Digital High Speed Servo (SPMSS6040)
Spektrum DSM Micro Race Receiver (SPMSR3520)
Orion R10 Pro Race ESC (ORI65102)
Orion Vortex Pro Race Motors (ORI28206, ORI28207)