Team Losi Racing at Rd 1 SC Showdown Tour

Race: Short Course Showdown Series Round 1
Track: RC Excitement, Fitchburg, MA
Dates: March 16-18, 2012
Format: 3 Heads-Up Rounds, Single 7 minute A-Mains

Team Losi Racing and Losi's Frank Root, Matt Castellano, Anthony Mazzara, and Toddie Anderson all made the trip to Round 1 of Scotty Ernst's Short Course Showdown tour!  Scotty chose to kick off the tour at Todd Anderson's RC Excitement in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, a great decision as RCE had a great layout, a rockin' atmosphere, and a strong turnout at 180. The "Showdown" has a unique format with all heads up starts in qualifying, making each run important to qualify well for the finals.

Stock NT 2wd SC (Pro2)– Anthony Mazzara had a great run going in the first round taking the early TQ.  In round 2, he was able to also improve his time.  Ultimately, Anthony would roll off the grid in the 2nd spot, but quickly moved to the lead.  Anthony would run quick clean laps building a small gap.  With about 1:30 to go, a mistake on the back quad section, Anthony would momentarily lose the lead, but quickly regained it.  Finish up with 3 flawless laps, Anthony would cross the line first to take a well deserved win!

Pro4 (Modified SC) – Matt Castellano was man on a mission in qualifying for Pro4.  Matt took a strong TQ in the first round, but really stepping it up in round 2 being the first driver to run 17 laps.  Anthony put in a great run narrowly missing 17 laps in the 3rd round, but Matt responded with his second 17 lap run, improving on his previous time and securing the TQ honors.  The mains started with Frank Root, whom had trouble in qualifying, winning the B-main to bump up to the A.  As the tone went off, Matt and Anthony got out to a clean start, while Frank moved up to 4th in the running order.  Matt had a bobble a few laps in, dropping him back to 4th, right behind Frank.  Frank and Matt quickly caught up to the lead trucks, and made their way into the 1st and 2nd.  Frank and Matt pulled out on the field quite a bit, and began to battle for lead.  Matt put great pressure on Frank for a number of laps, but ultimately, Frank would keep his cool.  Running fast, clean laps, Frank would pull out a small gap to take a well deserved victory!  

The Team Losi Racing and Losi team won using the following equipment:
Losi XXX-SCT Roller (LOSB0113)
Losi TEN-SCTE Roller (LOSB0127)
TLR Tuned Kit for XXX-SCT (TLR0900)
TLR Tuned Kit for TEN-SCTE (TLR0901)
Spektrum DX3R Pro (SPM3200)
Spektrum 6040 Digital High Speed Servo (SPMSS6040)
Spektrum DSM Micro Race Receiver (SPMSR3520)
Orion R10 Pro Race ESC (ORI65102)
Orion VST SC 550 4.5T (ORI28241)

Thanks to Frank Root for the race report.