TLR Performs at South African National Event

From the South African National event in Margate, Kwazulu Natal:

The race was very exciting as the T.Q. in Buggy, Dean Steenmans was leading and picked up a problem. He was eight laps behind and slowly, but surely catching up. Scott Mcclure raced well under pressure and just managed to take honors with 0.15 of a second difference with Dean finishing in second and Charles Hollander closely in third.
In 1/8 Truggy Jason raced like a champ. He took the lead and never looked back.

Team Losi Racing results:
Top Qualifier:
1/8 Buggy:
Dean Steenmans

1/8 Truggy:
Jason Raath

Mains Results:
1/8 Buggy
Scott McClure
Dean Steenmans

1/8 Truggy:
1 Jason Raath
4 Wesley Woolven
5 Jonathan Ment